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Sydney is a wildly popular vacation spot for your next travel excursion. The beauty of Sydney is that it’s a great place to visit with a group of friends or if you simply want to have a romantic getaway with someone you love. As of late, gastronomy has been increasingly popular in Sydney, making it a perfect destination for food lovers. If you choose to stay in a budget hotel, you can visit Hostelbookers and with the money you save in accommodation you can enjoy one of these trendy restaurants. Keep reading for some insight into some of the most popular, and delicious, places to eat the next time you visit Sydney. 


Ms G’s is a popular restaurant for fashionista travellers. It probably isn’t the best place for older travellers, but its bar that is open late makes it perfect for those looking to have a wild time in Sydney. The menu consists of Asian influenced dishes, with Australian flare. It also provides a really warming atmosphere with the setup of the restaurant. Plus, the mason jars on the ceiling will make for some great photos to add to the memories of your time in Sydney. 

Another restaurant worth checking out is Pendolino. Aside from a fancy name, this restaurant offers a great selection of wine that will complement its menu items. The true highlight of Pendolino is the fact that it offers a wine bar, Monday through Saturday from 5pm into the evening. It’s something your visit to Sydney should certainly include. And if you plan to visit Pendolino, you can stay at one of the close hotels nearby, like the Central Station Hotel, which makes it easy to stumble back to your room after enjoying the wine bar.  The Central Station Hotel also has laundry service and Wi-Fi, making it the perfect all-around place to stay while in Sydney, all while being in a great central location.

If you are in the mood for some great Italian food, A Tavola is the place to go. It isn’t anything fancy, but its food makes it unique and a hot spot for Sydney residents and travellers. They offer a menu that they will bring to you, but any first time visit to A Tavola should include a menu item from the blackboard on the wall. These pasta items are all freshly made and offer a selection for pretty much anyone. Plus, you can include lamb, pork, or beef to your plate, to add to an already delicious plate. 

Another great Italian option is the Bootleg Bar. While A Tavola is more modern and chic, Bootleg Bar is a 50’s style bistro that has great black and white pictures on the walls to accentuate its theme. Plus the dim lights, green walls, and dinner style chairs will have you thinking you just walked into an episode of Happy Days. And with the delicious food that Bootleg offers, you’ll certainly be having a happy day for yourself.

If you find yourself needing a place to stay after indulging at the Bootleg Bar, just a short walk away is the Leisure Inn Sydney. This inexpensive and stylish hotel will allow you to save a lot of money, which can be better spent while exploring Sydney. They also offer 24-hour reception that will guide you to all of the hotspots that Sydney has to offer. Furthermore, The Bootleg Bar and Leisure Inn are both centrally located nearby Central Station, making it easy to access all parts of Sydney. 

Itinerary  by Carlos Bonifax, travel writer for Hostelbookers.

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  1. I love this city! I highly recommend “A tavola” too! the concept of this restaurant is great because they offer you a big variety…and the quality of food is good because it’s fresh! You really shouldn’t miss it!

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