Barry blitzes it in Northcote

You would think Barry is the only cafe in Northcote the way locals and almost locals (like me) have flocked to this new opening like seagulls to a chip.  From the day it opened its doors, right next to the gorgeous Westgarth cinema, Barry has been packed.  It’s not that surprising when you check the white and airy Scandinavian style fit out and the menu which ticks every trend in the Melbourne cafe scene.  

Super food salad at Barry

Barry is the sister cafe to the brilliant Pillar of Salt in Richmond.  I was very sad to lose my easy access to Pillar of Salt when I moved from Richmond this year so I am very glad to now have Barry in the ‘hood.  Like Pillar of Salt, Barry does a brilliant coffee.  Smooth with caramel undertones my Five Senses latté hit the spot, and for those of you who are cooler than me Barry also has cold drips and pour overs.  

Inside Barry - note the high chairs
Inside Barry – note the high chairs

I’ve been in a couple of times for brunch now and have really loved the light and vibrant food being served up at Barry.  The Californian super food salad ($15) with its “tri coloured quinoa” and kale sounds depressingly healthy but in reality it packs a flavour punch thanks to a seriously hot jalapeno vinigrette and the smoky taste of charred corn which is scattered through the salad.  

Coffee at Barry
Coffee at Barry

 I also loved the cucumber and gin cured ocean trout ($17.50) it’s served up with freekeh, yet more kale and pomegranate.  You couldn’t get a more trend driven combination of ingredients if you tried, but the quality of the fish and the addition of a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg won me over.  

Cucumber and gin cured ocean trout at Barry
Cucumber and gin cured ocean trout at Barry

Looks like I just signed myself up as a member of the Barry cheer squad.

Details: Barry, 85 High Street, Northcote (Ph 03 9481 3371) 
Damage: Reasonable
Kids: Welcome (it’s Northcote after all).  Barry has lots of high chairs.  

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  1. Ohhh another blog post about Barry I’m gonna have to check it out soon and I can see you’re totally into Quinao lately hehe

  2. Oooh another one to visit! Oh my.. Loved PoS so can’t wait to visit Mr Barry!

  3. Andi – Melbourne is known for it’s coffee – it’s always good!

    Pud – Yes it was great

    Daisy – The peer pressure is mounting…

    MsIHua – If you love Pillar of Salt you’ll love Barry

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