Gourmet Chick Christmas Gift Guide 2013

I’m a little bit Christmas obsessed but I try to restrain myself until December when I think you are officially allowed to get excited about Christmas.  So my Christmas tree is on its way from Oxfam and I’ve been busy compiling my annual Christmas gift guide.  I’m at an age now that giving gifts rather than getting them, is the really fun part of Christmas.  Still, there are a few things in the list below that I’m definitely coveting…


1.  For your little niece who loves to help out in the kitchen.  A toy Honeybake mixer set ($54.95) from Oliver’s Twisty Tales.  Made from wood in a gorgeous retro design this has to be one of the cutest kids presents out there.  

2.  For your sister who has a serious ice-cream addiction.  Gelato Messina’s, new cookbook ($31.95).  All the recipes you ever wanted from this cult ice-creamery (but be warned the recipes are very technical and not for the faint hearted).   

3.  A stocking filler for your Dad who doesn’t leave too many bottles of wine unfinished.  A gnome bottle stopper ($29).  

4.  To make your Christmas tree the most Christmassy around.  Ginger felt christmas ornaments ($37) from Etsy.  I’ve just ordered a set for my tree and think it would be fun to mix the felt ornaments with actual gingerbread ones.    


5.  For your Aunt who is hosting the whole family for Christmas yet again.  A Burch & Purchese Christmas pudding ($24).  Forget Heston’s pudding, this is THE luxury pudding to get.  Darren Purchese’s suggestion is to serve it with salted caramel spread for a super luxurious touch.    

6. For your best friend who is a cherry fiend.  A box of fresh cherries from Turnbull Bros.  I’ve sampled these cherries and they are the freshest and most luscious you will find.  The cherries come beautifully presented in a wooden box and you can team them with Christmas cake for $89.95 or even a bottle of Veuve champagne.   

7.  For your Mum who doesn’t really NEED anything but will smile every time she uses these ceramic measuring cups.  A measuring gaggle of geese from Anthropologie ($38).  


 8.  For the proud grandmother of your new baby.  Silhouette mug using a personal photograph ($50 for custom).

9.  For your brother-in-law who lives North-of-the-River and loves his fixie.  A brilliant beer carrier ($29.95) which hooks onto your bicycle from Cycle Style (if he’s more a Shiraz drinking kinda guy Cycle Style also does a wine carrier which I featured in last year’s gift guide).  

10.   For your husband who puts up with your food obsession.  A Beer and food matching calendar ($28.49)  

11.  For a funny Kris-Kringle present.  This obsessive chef chopping board from London’s Science Museum (£22).  Since everyone is a LITTLE bit OCD.  

 *This gift is compiled independently and I haven’t received payment for any of these listings.  Some listings include review products I’ve received over the year but they’re only included them if I loved them.  

If you can’t find anything you love here, check out my 2012 Christmas Gift Guide, 2011 Guide, 2010 Guide 2009 Guide and 2008 Guide.  


  1. Cute collection Cara! I love that mixer set-I even have a niece too that is into play food.

  2. Ooooh I love everything!!!!

  3. Lorraine – It’s just too cute isn’t it?

    Andi – Me too!

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