Lady dates at Lemon Middle and Orange

At the part of Collingwood where you are almost in East Melbourne and where the workers cottages are replaced by warehouses, Lemon Middle and Orange has opened up.  An industrial space has been transformed into a polished cafe all clean lines and slick design.  There are pops of yellow in the metal bins which serve as seats and timber bench seating runs along one wall.  

LemonMiddle &Orange

This is a cafe which is happy to be a little bit different to others in Melbourne.  The menu includes eggs anyway which you can customise and stalwart dishes like a “breakfast roll” ($13) but also offers more adventurous food like the coconut and vanilla rice pudding ($13).  

Salmon at Lemon, Middle and Orange
Salmon at Lemon, Middle and Orange

The hot smoked plum cured salmon ($17) features a generous serve of salmon fillet rather than the thin slices you might expect.  The fish is served with potato latkes, runny poached eggs and topped with shavings of fennel making it a generous breakfast dish.  Given the Irish background of the owners there are a few Gaelic touches like soda bread and colcannon on the menu.  

Latté art

But unlike Ireland where the coffee is almost uniformly bad (they are a nation of tea drinkers) the coffee at Lemon Middle and Orange by Syndicate is spot on.  

Bacon and egg roll
Bacon and egg roll

I enjoyed Lemon, Middle and Orange so much that I’ve been back three times already since it’s opened including a lovely lady date with Fi and Veda.  The only drawback is a lack of parking in the area so you are best to cycle, arrive on foot, or try the car park out the back of the cafe.  

Details: Lemon Middle and Orange, 25-31 Rokeby street, Collingwood (Ph 9415 1593)
Damage: Reasonable
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  1. Ooh intrigued by the idea of plum cured salmon! And I love colcannon!

  2. I loved Lemon Middle and Orange when I visited, definitely been meaning to return, the roll looks awesome!

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