The kid friendly conundrum at Apte

Now that I’ve got a little person in my life I’ve started to take note of whether cafes have things like high chairs and change tables.  You might have noticed that I’ve included a new category of places to eat which are “kid friendly” if they tick these boxes.  I hope it’s useful for people with kids and as a single friend of mine said, it helps her choose the cafes to stay away from!  Apte is a cafe hidden away in Alphington which certainly meets the kid friendly criteria.  There’s even a sunny courtyard for kids to run around in and a toy box by the door.  


Unfortunately, like many kid friendly places, the food at Apte doesn’t pack the same punch as Melbourne’s top cafes.  The cafe was originally run by the team behind Three Bags Full, but I feel since their departure the food must have slipped.  The menu was dated and nothing jumped out at me to the extent that I resorted to ordering the assorted salads ($12.90), a mix of roasted pumpkin and fetta salad and a green bean salad with pine nuts.   

Assorted salads at Apte
Assorted salads at Apte

Worse still, the steak sandwich ($17.50) which my friend Joyce ordered was tough and overcooked.  Although Apte did redeem itself in terms of generous freshly squeezed juices and a cracking cake selection which are all made in house.  We particularly enjoyed the fudgy chocolate cake accompanied by some of the 5 Senses coffee.  My latte was smooth although slightly bitter.     

Steak sandwich
Steak sandwich

 Apte is a lovely breakfast or lunch spot but it’s firmly in the category of a good local cafe rather than the sort you would cross town for.  I’m still on the search for the holy grail of a cafe which welcomes the babychino brigade but also serves top food and coffee.  

Carrot cake at Apte
Carrot cake at Apte (chocolate cake in the background)

Details: Apte, 538 Heidelberg Rd, Alphington 3078 (Ph 03 9482 2991) Open Mon – Sat 8am-4pm, Sun 8am-3.30pm.  
Damage: Reasonable.  
Kid friendly: Yes.  There are plenty of high chairs and even a toy box for kids.  
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  1. Hey Cara,

    Enjoyed this post. We bring along a portable high chair – we have it in the car – so negates the isssue of whether cafe has a high chair. Sometimes they may have a high chair, but its being used by someone else, or its not been cleaned since last Xmas. Hope motherhood treating you well.

  2. Yes I hear you. Great cafe & kid friendly are not often mutually exclusive.

    For dinner, Queen Margaret in North Fitzroy gets my vote for both. It is fantastic.

    For day times, ee usually head to Birdie Num Nums for the courtyard and the food is pretty good too.

  3. Larry – Yes I think I’m going to invest in one of those. At this stage she’s still happy to sit in her Maxi-Cosi or pram. Any tips on which ones to get?

    Vanessa – Will check out Queen Margaret for sure. Have been to Birdie Num Nums and the sand pit is great but I wasn’t that impressed by the food. I find St Ali North better in the same ‘hood.

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