Firing up for the festival at Dinknesh Lucy

Christmas comes twice a year for me, once in December and again in March when the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival gets under way.  Like a small child writing their list for Santa Claus I spend hours mulling over the program trying to decide which events to attend.   My favourite event of last year’s festival was the rickshaw run held through the streets of Footscray so I was happy to invited back west for a preview of the Eat.Drink.Westside offerings for the festival.

DinkeshLUCY (1)

The lovely Lauren Wambach of Footscray Food Blog guided us around Footscray (there’s a great summary of what we did by Kenny of Consider the Sauce).  While the whole tour was great the highlight for me was our lunch at Dinknesh (Lucy).  Footscray is probably best known for its Vietnamese restaurants but it also has a host of Ethiopian restaurants including Dinknesh (Lucy).

Injera at Dinknesh Lucy
Injera at Dinknesh Lucy

Named after a prehistoric Ethiopian skeleton,  the restaurant isn’t likely to feature in any interior design magazines any time soon with lino floors and a TV showing Ethiopian dancing in one corner.  It doesn’t matter though as the draw card here is the food.  Dinkesh Lucy distinguishes itself from most Ethiopian restaurants by making its own bread, injera. The injera is spongy and almost like a pancake in texture but serves as a platter for the food and then you simply tear off pieces of the bread and use it as cutlery as well.  Very multi purpose!

Beetroot to go at Dinknesh Lucy

We had a big feast of different dishes.  There were wet and dry stews including bozena shiro made from cubed lamb in a gravy thickened with spiced chickpea flour.  Some were mild while others piled on the spice like the fiery chick pea stew.  Alongside this was super sweet beetroot  and turmeric-yellow potatoes, carrots and cabbage.  It’s a style of eating which is perfect for a large group or family meal.

My plate at Dinkesh Lucy

I can’t say I’m an expert in Ethiopian food at all, but I am an expert in what I like, and I liked what I was served at Dinknesh (Lucy).  Make sure to check it out while you’re busy exploring Footscray for Eat.Drink.Westside.

Gourmet Chick was a guest of the City of Maribyrong to preview Eat.Drink.Westside. 

Details: Dinknesh (Lucy), 227 Barkly Street, Footscray (Ph 9687 6444)  7 days 11am – 11pm
Damage: Bargain. Meals cost around $15 but on this occasion I didn’t pay.
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  1. Hi there! Wasn’t it a lovely day? Thanks for mention and have added you to my links. Cheers, Kenny

  2. Ummm dinner can’t come soon enough!

  3. That place looks great! I love the big pile of injera – looks awesome. 🙂

  4. Kenny – It was. Thanks for your great round up.

    Andi – My thoughts exactly.

    Sarah – Yes worth a trip West for it.

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