World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014: The winners and losers

The World’s 50 Best Restaurant list was announced overnight in London.  I think we can all agree the concept of a list of the best restaurants in the world is absurd given the physical impossibility of comparing all the restaurants in the world.  It’s also easy to point to the Euro-centric and specifically UK-centric nature of the list.*  

World's 50 BestRestaurants
The Fat Duck, UK

As a restaurant tragic, the World’s 50 Best Restaurant’s list is a good way of finding out about the restaurants which are newest and most exciting.  But if I’m looking for consistency at a top level I think Michelin (with all its flaws) is a better guide.  In my view the best restaurants of all are those without white tablecloths or PR agencies but which serve food made with top produce and cooked honestly.  These local and assuming restaurants are never going to be on any of these lists and usually the only way I find them is through a friend’s recommendation or blogs and social media.   

Restaurant Andre in Singapore
Restaurant Andre in Singapore

But who can resist a list? Especially when Melbourne’s own Ben Shewry and Attica has done so well.  Also big congratulations to the Aussie chefs starring around the world including the brilliant Brett Graham at London’s The Ledbury and David Thompson at Nahm in Thailand.  So here’s 2014’s World’s 50 Best Restaurant list.  Where I’ve visited a restaurant and reviewed it I’ve linked to that review.

No.1, Noma, Denmark 

No.2, El Celler de Can Roca, Spain

No.3 Osteria Francescana, Italy 

No.4  Eleven Madison Park, USA 

No.5 Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, UK 

No.6 Mugaritz, Spain 

No.7 D.O.M, Brazil 

No.8 Arzak, Spain 

No.9 Alinea, US 

No.10 The Ledbury, UK 

No.11 Mirazur, France

No.12 Vendome, Germany 

No.13 Nahm, Thailand 

No.14 Narisawa, Japan 

No.15 Lima, Peru 

No.16 Steirereck, Austria 

No. 17 Gaggan, Thailand 

No.18. Astrid y Gaston, Peru 

No.19 Faviken, Sweden 

No.20 Pujol, Mexico 

No.21  Le Bernardin, USA 

No.22 Vila Joya, Portugal 

No.23 Restaurant Frantzen, Sweden 

No.24 Amber, Hong Kong

No.25 L’Arpege, France

No.26  Azurmendi, Spain 

No.27 Le Chateaubriand, France

No.28 Acqua, Germany 

No29  De Librije, Netherlands

No.30 Per Se in NYC, USA 

No.31: L’Atelier Saint-Germain de Joel Robuchon, France

No.32 Attica, Australia 

No.33 Nihonryori RyuGin, Japan

No.34 Asador Etxebarri, Spain 

No.35 Berasategui, Spain

No.36 Mani, Brazil 

No.37 Restaurant Andre, Singapore

No.38 L’Astrance, Paris, France 

No.39 Piazza Duomo,  Alba, Italy 

No.40 Daniel, USA

No.41 Quique Dacosta, Spain 

No 42. Geranimum, Denmark


No 43. Schloss Schauenstein, Switzerland 

No.44 The French Laundry, USA 

No.45 Hof Van Cleve, Belgium

No.46 Le Calandre in Rubano, Italy

No.47  The Fat Duck, UK 

No.48 The Test Kitchen, Cape Town 

No.49 Coi Restaurant, USA

No.50  Tetsuya with WAKU GHIN, Singapore 

The One To Watch – Saison in San Francisco  

*The “World’s 50 best” franchise has tried to address this problem by creating an Asian list which gets announced at its own awards in Singapore, but last night’s list is still the big one.  


  1. Great perspective as always (I love your blog) but unfair to call out the list as being UK centric (3 entries). This feels much less UK heavy than previous years, and the country us far less well represented than the US (8), Spain (7), and France (5).

  2. And now a South American list thanks to Quigley 🙂

  3. An interesting article by Simon Thomsen on the shortfalls of this award system too, but like everyone, always tempting to see who makes the list anyway!

  4. I totally agree with you, the best restaurants in the world are those that usually you find them by chance, a friend recommendation or your agent advice (if he really knows the place), these are the occasions when one not only enjoy the food but unique experiences,get to know the chef, appreciates the history and tradition of the place…
    These lists are based in other kind of experience, it’s about taste innovation and new trends. Which is also so great! Just different.

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