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You may not be surprised to hear Andrew McConnell’s new restaurant is super kawaii.  Lofty ceilings, tall glass windows and polished concrete floors give the space on Flinders Lane an industrial feel but tiny cloud lamps and natural timber benches lighten the mood.


The food is best described as Asian influenced – there’s plenty of Japanese ingredients but also Korean as well.  

Toasted pumpkin seeds at Supernormal
Toasted pumpkin seeds at Supernormal

Little things are done well like the book on Japanese culture that’s provided if you’re dining solo and the spicy toasted pumpkin seeds that are brought with your first drink.


Right on trend anything that can be, has been pickled, fermented and cured.  Like the pickled bonito ($14) given a dash of spice with wasabi leaf.  Or the fiery white kimchi inside rolls of pork belly ($16).

Pickled bonito at Supernormal
Pickled bonito at Supernormal

My favourite dishes were the addictively moreish “Tony Tan” lamb ribs ($4) flavoured with a rub of 13 different spices and meltingly tender and fatty.  I also love Supernormal’s take on Brussel Sprouts where the crispy sprouts are teamed with Chinese sausage ($12).

Brussel sprouts at Supernormal
Brussel sprouts at Supernormal

 The food at Supernormal is quirky and fun but most importantly tasty.  Service is switched on (I particularly loved being able to order half serves of some of the dishes when dining solo) and friendly.  What’s not to love? 

Tony Tan lamb rib at Supernormal
Tony Tan lamb rib at Supernormal

Details: Supernormal, 180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (Ph 03 9650 8688)
Damage: Pricey
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  1. Awesome review!It’s a plus point that this resto is sensitive on solo diners that they provide a book on culture and the pumpkin seeds to keep you company. That rib is lip smacking!

    Gourmet Getaways

  2. Everything looks great, especially those lamb ribs. And the half-serve concept is very thoughtful!

  3. Another great review. Good one.

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