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I’m heading off on holidays to Europe for a few weeks.  I can’t wait to catch up with family in Ireland, friends in London and put in some serious pasta and gelati eating time in Italy.  It’s not that long a trip so I can’t really claim I’ll get homesick for Melbourne, but if I do start thinking of home the sort of place I’ll be thinking about is Mitte. 

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Mitte is a local’s cafe in the back streets of North Fitzroy.  It’s a tiny space inside with tables and chairs crammed in cheek by jowl.  But if the weather’s good tables also line the footpath allowing for some prime North Fitzroy people watching.  

Inside Mitte
Inside Mitte

I always order from the breakfast menu (it runs all day).  The omelettes come served in their own mini fry pan.  Super cute and super tasty when it’s the chorizo omelette ($15) topped with a “salad” of basil, tomato and buffalo mozzarella.

Breakfast crumble at Mitte
Breakfast crumble at Mitte

And if you want dessert for breakfast then all you have to do is order the breakfast crumble ($9.50).  The only thing that makes this combination of sweet slow cooked apple and pear in any way breakfast related is the granola that serves as a topping.  I can’t say I’m complaining though. 

Details: Mitte, 76 Michael Street, Fitzroy North (Ph 03 9481 7097) 
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  1. Love the idea of breakfast crumble. And breakfast cake. And breakfast pav! Breakfast everything!

  2. I would try that granola with fruits anytime! The omelette looks huge for one person but is appealing, nonetheless :). Thanks for sharing!

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