A lotta love for a little place: Shandong MaMa Mini

The much anticipated Shandong MaMa Mini has finally opened its rollershutter in Centre place (the laneway that connects to DeGraves street). The original Shandong MaMa is not exactly cavernous but Shandong MaMa Mini is really teeny tiny as the name suggests.

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Fans of the original will be pleased to know the dumplings are here, including the famous “Melbourne” dumplings although the dumplings are only fried, not steamed. The pork dumplings ($10.80) are long and thin with a crisp pan fried base. Stuffed with pork mince flecked with finely chopped cabbage and coriander there’s just enough ginger to keep things interesting.  

Pork dumplings
Pork dumplings

There’s also a list of “Mama’s little dishes” which are all sorts of things which will go rather well with the beers they plan on serving at Shandong MaMa Mini once their liquor licence comes through in a month or so.  The lotus root chips ($5) are not the hot chips I had hoped for but rather dried salty chips, like a rather exotic pretzel. Best with a beer I think.

Lotus root chips at Shandong MaMa Mini
Lotus root chips at Shandong MaMa Mini

But the Bao are sensational.  I loved the stewed pork belly bao ($4.50) with its pillowy soft bun and slow cooked sticky sweet meat.  Good things really do come in mini packages. 

Details: Shandong MaMa Mini, 5 Centre place, Melbourne 
Damage:Such a bargain my mother would approve.


  1. Hey Cara

    I really like this blog, it really showcases a lot of little gems in Melbourne and gives really needed honest reviews about eateries in melbourne which are not very well known. Of course this is due to lack of exposure and information overload on the internet.

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    Anyway looking forward to more content from you.


  2. Mmmm…I love pork buns too! They are making excellent ones nowadays. Thanks for sharing, Cara!

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