2014’s Best Cook Books

Every year I say I am NOT buying anymore cook books and every year I crack.  This is a good example of why I don’t bother with New Year’s Resolution. Absolutely no will power.  In my defence I do get given and sent some cook books just to try out so that’s hardly my fault.  My will power also wasn’t helped by the sheer loveliness of the cook books on offer this year.  


1.  Ottolenghi’s Plenty More

Obsessed Yotam Ottolenghi fans breathe easy – Ottolenghi’s newest book, Plenty More, is a cracker.  I got to sample a lot of the recipes from the book at a brunch with Ottolenghi himself earlier this year.  By the end of the brunch I was all ready to high tail it home to start cooking from the book.  I’ve tested out the cauliflower cake recipe (much more delicious than it sounds) and the fig and orange salad and can report that they are both absolute winners.  If you only buy one cook book this Christmas buy this one.  


2.  Karen Martini’s Home

I love Karen Martini’s recipes with their Middle Eastern influences so a new cook book from Martini was always going to be on my wish list.  What makes this book even better is that Martini has aimed it at time pressed families with young children (Hello!).  The idea is that they are dishes that can be put together simply and quickly.  


3.  David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen

Most of my travel is currently of the armchair variety so David Lebovit’s My Paris Kitchen is a way of scratching that travel bug.  I’m a long time reader of Lebovitz’s blog which covers his life in Paris (essential reading if you are planning a visit) along with lots of drool worthy recipes.  I’ve got both his ice-cream book and dessert book so it seems only right to add Lebovitz’s savoury offering to my collection.  


4. Tori Hascha’s Cut the Carbs

I’m not usually a fan of “diet” or elimination books as I’m a big believer of a bit of everything in moderation but I’ve made an exception for Tori Hascha’s cut the carbs.  Hascha writes the wonderful blog Eat Tori and while the book doesn’t include “pale hued foods” such as rice, bread, potato or noodles Hascha hasn’t sacrificed flavour.  This is the book to buy for your paleo leaning friends or people trying to cut down on refined carbs.


5.  The Cookbook Book

Let’s face it, too many cook books end up as coffee table books in reality. Much swooned over but never actually used in the kitchen.  So why not cut to the chase and purchase the ultimate in cook book porn – a coffee table book devoted entirely to cook books.  Brilliant.  


Still stuck for cook book inspiration? Here’s my list of the top cook books for 2013.  



  1. Oh I am loving Plenty More! The cauliflower cake is the best!!

  2. This has just made my weekend. What company! Xxx

  3. Moni – Agreed. SO many good recipes in there.

    Tori – Well deserved!

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