The bad end of Flinders Lane hots up: Five & Dime Bagels and T By Luxbite

My day job is on Flinders Lane and to most people who are into food that sounds like a pretty good location.  But sadly the Private Media offices are not at the cool end of Flinders Lane, instead we are down the King street end aka culinary wasteland.  Last year that changed with the opening of The Grain Store and now in the same building (called “The Archway”) a host of other little cafes are opening.

T by Luxbite action
T by Luxbite action

Alongside the excellent Altius Specialty Coffee there is also 5 & Dime Bagel and T by Luxbite.  More cafes are set to open as well – the renaissance of the dodgy end of Flinders street begins! 

5 & Dime Bagel
You may already be familiar with 5 & Dime Bagel as the bagels first popped up at farmers markets and then at cafes around town. The bagels quickly gathered their own fan club thanks to their authentic New York taste.  Here you can go direct to the source: big glass windows look into the bakery where all the bagels are made and the small wood panelled shop has a few seats and does a brisk takeaway trade in  coffee and bagels.  Each day you get your choice of bagels and of fillings.  The bagels are only $2 for hand rolled, baked and seed encrusted beauties.   Fancy fillings like smoked salmon are an additional $5 and things like bacon cream cheese (so good) will cost extra but if you just stick with standard fillings like avocado and tomato you pay a bargainous $3 for your lunch.  

All the bagel flavours on offer at 5 & Dime
All the bagel flavours on offer at 5 & Dime

Details: 5 & Dime Bagel, 16 Katherine Place, Melbourne (Ph: 96212128) Open 7am-3pm.  Just a note that to get to 5 & Dime you actually have to walk down the little laneway past T by Luxbite. It’s a little hidden. 
Damage: Total bargain.

Dill bagel with smoked salmon and BACON cream cheese filling at 5 & Dime
Dill bagel with smoked salmon and BACON cream cheese filling at 5 & Dime

T by Luxbite
My reasoning is that after I’ve eaten such a bargain lunch at 5 & Dime Bagels I can then totally justify heading to T by Luxbite for dessert.  This jewel box of a store is absolutely tiny – all there is to it is a counter filled with sweet treats.  T by Luxbite has a much more limited range than the original Luxbite in Prahran – the goodies on offer are limited to tarts and macarons.  But it’s all about quality not quantity here.  I’m slowly eating my way through the range.  There’s the cult Kuma tart with its cute bear face and chocolate and banana filling but my favourite so far is the Yuzu – the delicate vanilla tart is topped with soft and squidgy matcha marshmallows and perfect ruby red raspberries.   

The cult Koya tart at T by Luxbite
The cult Kuma tart at T by Luxbite

Details: T by Luxbite,  2/517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (Ph 03 9629 9662) Open 10am-7pm. 
Damage: Reasonable. Tarts are around the $7 mark each.  


  1. Bagel, tart and coffee, now that’s one happy meal for us! That was a great find, Cara. Especilly that cute and creamy looking tart 🙂 Thank you!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  2. I love both those places! I work pretty far from there but my partner works close by and sometimes picks me up a treat! I loved the Christmas tart from LuxBite with the matcha swirls on top and coffee/chocolate filling. Yum!

  3. Ah, didn’t realise they were all in the same building. Just another reason to go down and check ’em all out. Love The Grain Store.

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