Afternoon tea at the Werribee Mansion

We’ve started a little tradition in our family that every Mother’s Day my sister and I take our mum out for a fancy afternoon tea.  Dad gets upset at being left out but he doesn’t even eat cake so I think it’s best this is one left just for the ladies.

Cocktails to start afternoon tea
Cocktails to start afternoon tea

Going to the Werribee Mansion is always a treat.  The beautiful gardens and regal mansion itself transport you to another time.  Afternoon tea at the Werribee Mansion is usually served in the hotel’s library with its beautiful stained glass windows but to accommodate the larger Mother’s Day crowd this afternoon tea was in the modern ‘pavilion’ which looks out over the polo field. Not a shabby view.

Sandwich time at the Werribee Mansion
Sandwich time at the Werribee Mansion

 Afternoon tea started in the best possible style with a glass of French champagne (Mumm).  Unlimited sparkling wine was available throughout the afternoon tea and it was actually quite a boozy afternoon as there were also plenty of gin cocktails.  Plates of sandwiches delivered in terms of fresh bread and simple but classic combinations like egg and lettuce, chicken and ham and cheese.

The full cake stand
The full cake stand – yes we ate all this between three

Then the main event arrived, a tiered cake stand with a layer of plain and fruit scones. The scones tasted (and looked) very homemade, they were a little on the crumbly side but tasted very buttery and were still warm from the oven.  There were also excellent accompaniments of raspberry jam, clotted cream and lemon curd.  As at any truly good afternoon tea we were offered scone and sandwich top ups. 

The savoury tier
The savoury tier

 A savoury tier included tiny meat pies, pasties and cheese scones which erred on the side of being too dry.  But all was forgiven when it came to sweets which included tiny lemon meringue tarts, dense pistachio cakes, red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting and wobbly strawberry cheese cakes.  The pick of the sweets was the amazing almond eclair complete with a crunchy toffee topping.  

The sweet tier
The sweet tier

Tea at the Werribee Mansion is by T2 and the afternoon tea included a range of different hot and iced teas which was a fun way to sample the range. I even had creme brulee flavoured tea which was slightly unnecessary given the amount of sweet stuff we were eating.  Afternoon tea at the Werribee Mansion is expensive and I think The Langham has the best cakes and scones in town but the setting and the provision of T2 teas along with top champagne and cocktails makes this one of the top afternoon teas in Melbourne. Most importantly, Mum loved it! 

Details: Werribee Mansion, K Rd, Werribee (Ph 03 9731 4000)
Damage: Pricey. $80 per person.


  1. Hi Gourmet Chick
    Thanks for the review on the Afternoon Tea at Werribee Mansion. We hope to enjoy ours as much on next Sunday as we have taken that option rather than a large meal in the dining room and then have the opportunity to walk it off in the hopefully mild evening.
    Just a question – do I assume they DO serve coffee if one of the guests doesn’t drink tea even if it is as good as the T2 range?
    As an aside on the best “High Tea” in Melbourne – don’t even bother with the Hopetoun Tea Rooms – crowded, full of tourists, expensive and they have the cheek to have more that one sitting if I remember. Yes The Langham is great and Sofitel is not too shabby either.

    1. Yes there is coffee. Hope you enjoy your afternoon tea. Thanks for the heads up on Hopetoun tea rooms – I’ve never been as there is always such a big queue.

  2. Hi can i make a bookong for 2 today

  3. Heather Woolley

    Would I be able to book for 3 on Sunday 14th May 2017

    1. Hi Heather. I don’t work for the Werribee Mansion so sorry I’m unable to help you at – you need to contact the hotel directly.

  4. I can’t believe how stupid some people are… Cara writes about her experience at Werribee Mansion, and people want to book through her!

  5. My experience at the high Werribee Mansion was very disappointing and fell well below my expectations. The high tea is expensive for the amount of food served, the tea was cold and it was not hosted in the Mansion but outside in the pavilion!
    There was no point in going to the Werribee Mansion for high tea!
    Simply ridiculous!

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