Sponsored post: Ollie Dabbous and Yeni Raki

Ollie Dabbous needs little introduction to those of you reading this in the UK but for the rest of the world let’s just say he’s a bit of a big deal.  His namesake restaurant Dabbous wowed London when it opened in 2012 and he was named “the most wanted chef in Britain” by The Guardian.

Photo supplied by Yeni Raki.


Now he’s keeping himself busy with the newly opened Barnyard and a partnership with Turkish spirits brand Yeni Raki.  Turkey’s national drink can seem like an acquired taste to begin with but after a while you’ll want to go back for more of its aniseed flavour.   Raki is sometimes known as “lion’s milk” because it’s traditionally drunk with water and ice. The water clouds it to a milky appearance which prompted the name.  

For your viewing pleasure I’ve got this video of Dabbous preparing a meal for his “ultimate raki table”.  The idea is to savour food alongside a drink of Yeni Raki.  It goes perfectly with fish or a plate or meze.  “I believe food isn’t meant to be rushed, eating isn’t meant to be hurried,” Dabbous says. I think that’s a philosophy we can all get on board with.  

The video kicks off the Unrush Your World campaign.  Yeni Raki is hosting a slow-dining dinner series where top restaurants across the UK capital create their own bespoke menus of food paired with the drink, to encourage discerning Londoners to experience the spirit of slow.  

You  can follow along with Dabbous and Yeni Raki’s campaign using #unrushyourworld and @YeniRakiGlobal 

This post is sponsored by Yeni Raki 

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