Laneway Greens serves up wellness on Flinders Lane

I’m sniffling and feeling sorry for myself at the moment thanks to a standard-garden-variety Winter cold.  It’s not really bad enough to warrant any time off work so I’ve just been trying to go to bed early and eat a little bit more healthily to give myself the best chance of fighting off the bug.  Luckily it seems that every block there’s a cafe serving super foods with a side of wellness  and the latest addition is Laneway Greens in Flinders Lane which opened last week.

Pumpkin soup at Laneway Greens
Pumpkin soup at Laneway Greens

Laneway Greens serves up “hand crafted” salads, smoothies and pressed juices from an all white minimalist little shop front.  There’s limited seating at copper stools lining te benches but the use of a buzzer system suggests they are hoping for a busy takeaway trade.  The cafe is VERY white and I heard staff saying the builders forgot to install a dimmer switch on the lights.  One is coming soon so sunglasses will not be necessary for much longer.  The use of custom made shiko pottery to serve all the dishes adds to the feel of eating at a takeaway store which takes its cues from high end restaurants.   

Laneway Greens
Laneway Greens

Everything on the menu is virtuous but there’s also (thankfully) an emphasis on flavour. Laneway Greens’ green smoothie adds pressed apples and kiwi fruit to its mix of  kale, celery, cucumber, baby spinach, avocado and ginger which give a bit of sweetness so you are not downing bitter green sludge.   

Sweet potato salad with homemade tzaziki
Sweet potato salad with homemade tzatziki

I particularly liked the warm roast sweet potato salad ($14) with homemade tzatziki jumbled on top of finely sliced fennel and red cabbage. It had a good mix of softness and crunch and was very generous in size.  I wasn’t as impressed with the sweet potato and pumpkin soup ($10) which came with a slick of oil on top.  Perhaps it was a healthy oil but it wasn’t particularly appetising.  

Inside Laneway Greens
Inside Laneway Greens

Pricing is steep but that seems to be par for the course as soon as you start talking about wellness and healthy food. Getting rid of this cold could be a very expensive exercise. 

Details: Laneway Greens, 242 Flinders Lane, Melbourne City
Damage: Pricey.
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  1. Oh you poor thing. I know what you mean, I wish colds like that would either hit you so you can rest and recover or just go away! And yes I think wellness adds another 20% to the bill 😛

  2. I’m suffering from a cold at the moment too so I definitely feel your pain. Hope you get better soon!

  3. Get well soon! 🙂 xox

  4. Lorraine – A 20% wellness surcharge – sounds about right!

    Helen – Sending get better vibes your way as well.

    Sarah – Thanks x

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