My four favourite kitchen gadgets

I do love a kitchen gadget. I think it’s the secret tech geek in me that delights in the latest and greatest inventions for the kitchen*. Meat-and-Three-Veg despairs of me and has imposed a gadget ban as we are running out of room. But I just can’t help myself. I’m sure it’s true that you really need is a good knife and saucepan but still, these gadgets make my time in the kitchen so much easier and more fun. For this list I’ve stuck to electrical appliances but I’m also planning a list of the kitchen tools I use.


Breville Fast Slow Cooker ($150)

I love this because it’s a pressure cooker and slow cooker in one which makes it one less gadget for MTV to complain about. The slow cooker function is perfect for cooking curries, casseroles and lamb shanks. I love putting it on in the morning and getting to feel all smug when you get home to dinner already prepared. Meanwhile the pressure cooker function means you can put together what should be a slow cooked dinner in a flash if you need to. Clicking the lid into place is a little tricky for the first few times and the sautée function is not that powerful but for the price the Breville Fast Slow Cooker does a great job.

Dyson V6 Handstick Vacuum ($800)

I’ve never been a clean cook. MTV grumbles that I cook as if I have an army of sous chefs to clean up after me and I must admit to using every dish in the kitchen on a regular basis and leaving trails of flour and sauce splatters everywhere. Throw in a toddler who loves to help in the kitchen and you get the impression, messy. So I’m totally in love with the Dyson V6 which I keep in the laundry cupboard next to the kitchen. There’s no plugging in, it sits already charged and no cord to get twisted around everything. It takes two seconds to get it out and whoosh up all the mess. It’s also worth mentioning that I managed to assemble the Dyson V6 in less than a minute and without reading the instructions at all. It’s that intuitive. The downside here is the price. You pay a lot more than your standard vacuum cleaner but Dysons are built to last so I think it can be justified.


Tefal Cuisine Companion ($1700)

I’m an ambassador for the Tefal Cuisine Companion this year and so have been really enjoying testing out new dishes in it. You can read my full review here and I’ve also posted some great soup and dip recipes to make in it. This is one gadget that can pretty much do everything. You can use it to make green smoothies that include nuts and other things that would kill a regular milkshake maker. You can also use it to do all the hard work for you by stirring a risotto and cooking and then blending your vegies for soup. It’s cheaper than its competitor the Thermomix and bigger which I think is a win-win.


KitchenAid ($650) 

I admit that the Tefal Cuisine Companion can do everything my KitchenAid can but I still just had to include it in this list because I love it so much. My cherry red KitchenAid has been with me for the long run and has never faltered. I use it for all my mixing when baking and it’s a whizz with meringues. It doesn’t hurt that it just looks so pretty sitting on my kitchen bench top as well.

Kitchen gadget fails

Cuisinart ice-cream machine. I probably should have lashed out here for the more expensive ice-cream making machine as this one requires you to freeze the bowl for a day first. This means that when I get the urge to make ice-cream the machine is never ready and by the time the day has gone I’ve lost the urge.

New Wave pizza maker. We were given this as a wedding present and I’m really sorry to the person who gave it to us but I’ve never used it. I’m a pizza snob and love a charry wood fired base which means I either have to go out for pizza or start building a full on pizza oven in the backyard.

*Some of these products have been given to me for review and others I have purchased myself. I’ve only included them if I really do use them.

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  1. Great post Cara!
    Best thing I have is my Magimix Food Processor, over 30 years old, hasn’t skipped a beat! 2000 watt motor, can handle anything. Was pricey then and still are, about $700.
    Would love a Kitchen Aid but can’t justify the $$. I can make a mean sponge but have only ever had hand held electric beaters . Would love one in duck egg blue!
    Couldn’t be bothered with the Tefal thing or a Thermomix.

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