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Did you know cheese triggers the same part of your brain as hard drugs? A recent study has found cheese is particularly moreish because it contains casein which triggers a feeling of euphoria similar to that found in drugs.  Now I know why I am always hovering by the cheese board for just one more slice.

I tried out three award winning cheeses to make the ultimate cheese platter.

I didn’t need to be asked twice when Dairy Australia invited me to host a wine and cheese evening using a selection of 2016 Australian Grand Dairy Awards winning cheeses.  To prepare I got all of the cheeses out of the fridge an hour before hand so they were at the perfect temperature for eating.  Then sitting around on a balmy evening with some girlfriends we popped the prosecco and dug into the cheese starting with the mildest first.  

Heidi Farm Gruyere

Semi hard cheese (and Grand Champion Cheese Award winner) the Heidi Farm Gruyere was judged to be a “world class cheese”. We found it had a great texture with a slight crumble to it and a smooth taste with hints of nuttiness.  It’s the perfect cheese for cheddar lovers who wants something more sophisticated.  

Ashed brie
Flinders Estate Ashed brie

If you’re looking for a brie with a difference the Flinders Estate Ashed Brie is the cheese for you.  It’s rich and creamy with a slight smokiness from the ash.  Surely there aren’t many lovelier sights than this brie cut open to reveal the oozing cheese and thin line of ash inside.

King Island Blue
King Island Black Label Triple Cream Blue

The final cheese was everyone’s favourite, the King Island Black Label Triple Cream Blue.  This is a soft blue unlike anything I have come across before.  Just the right amount of stinky without being overwhelming and a winning combination of creaminess and pungency. 

Special delivery from Dairy Australia
Special delivery from Dairy Australia


Serious cheese aficionados just have cheese by itself but some crackers, slices of pear and amazing Essential Ingredient pickled cherries were pretty good accompaniments for our ultimate cheese platter.  This experience clearly did not help my cheese addiction! 

Thanks to Dairy Australia for the cheese delivery.  Discover all the winners on the Dairy Australia Legendairy website. 

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