Moroccan Deli-cacy

My well documented Ottlolenghi obsession has led to a love of Middle Eastern food and ingredients. Now there’s a place to satisfy both cravings at once with the opening of the Moroccan Deli-cacy in Brunswick.

The plate of the day at Moroccan deli-cacy
The plate of the day at Moroccan Deli-cacy

Just opened by Hanna Asarari, the owner of the legendary and long standing Moroccan Soup Bar in North Fitzroy, Morroccan Deli-cacy offers a one stop shop for Morroccan cooking staples along with a limited but delicious menu.  Every day there is a “plate of the day” ($15) which offers an assortment of what’s cooking that day.  Like the Moroccan Soup Bar it’s an all vego line up.  My order featured piping hot halloumi straight from the fryer, grilled vegetables, cous cous, dollops of hommus and a slice of sourdough.   

Brightly coloured spices for sale at Moroccan Deli-cacy
Brightly coloured spices for sale at Moroccan Deli-cacy

It’s worth ordering some of the delicious iced tea as well. The hibiscus tea had a subtle flavour which isn’t overwhelmingly sweet.  Or to feel like you are really in Morocco order some traditional mint tea. 

Iced tea at Moroccan Deli-cacy
Iced tea at Moroccan Deli-cacy

Colourful mosaic tiling and shelves laden with jars of olives and spices add brightness to the surroundings.  Of course this isn’t just for looks. I challenge you to walk out without a huge jar of preserved lemons for $5 or some homemade pastries. Shopping and eating all at the one time: perfect.  

Moroccan pastries for sale
Moroccan pastries for sale

Details: Moroccan Deli-cacy, 313 Lygon street, Brunswick. 
Damage: Reasonable
Kids: No high chairs or kids menus but it’s a relaxed enough space that you don’t feel bad having a little one in tow.

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