Sponsored post: Cask wine gets a makeover

Let’s be honest, when I was at university cask wine was known as “goon” and I drank it to get drunk cheaply. But, now I’m all grown up cask wine has grown up as well.  The new…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON March 25th, 2015
Jeremy Charles at Woodland House

It’s no mean feat to take on Jaques Reymond’s former restaurant after 27 years and reinvent it but that’s what Reymond’s former chefs, Thomas Woods and Hayden McFarland, have attempted to do at Woodland House. As a…

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Burnham Beeches: Shannon Bennett’s Piggery Cafe and Bakery is making the Dandenongs hip

The Dandenongs, the suburb of afternoon teas and Puffing Billy, has suddenly become a little bit hip with the opening of Shannon Bennett’s Burnham Beeches.  Bennett has grand plans for his newest project with a planned luxury…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON March 20th, 2015
Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2015: The hits and misses

Stretchy pants are the order of the day now that Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is over for another year. This year I hit the festival hard as I was covering some events for The Guardian but…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON March 17th, 2015
Paris Match: Australian restaurants imitate overseas success stories

Restaurateur Jason Jones is upfront about where he got the idea for his latest restaurant Entrecôte, which has just opened in Melbourne’s South Yarra.  “I’ve been travelling to Paris for many years and one of my favourite…

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POSTED BY: Cara ON March 15th, 2015
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