Hello! My name is Cara Waters.  

I’m a journalist and blogger based in Melbourne.  Gourmet-Chick is the place I share my tips for travelling, eating out and cooking.  Most restaurant and travel reviews are conducted anonymously and generally accompanied by MTV which is a reference to meat and three veg, my husband’s favourite type of meal.  I’ve tried to make him more adventurous but it’s a work in progress…

I aim to find the best places to eat out in Melbourne, London and around the world . This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the most expensive places or Michelin star restaurants (although I do like to go to those when I have not blown my entire salary on shoes). I like to eat everywhere gourmet whether it is a street stall, pizza joint or a high end restaurant.

Unlike most food blogs these days, Gourmet-Chick, is not just pretty pictures and menu descriptions. I try to give an opinion on whether the place is worth eating at or the recipe worth your time making. 

I’ve set out the answers to the questions I get asked the most but if you have more questions just let me know.
Who are you?
I’m a journalist by day and I write Gourmet Chick by night.  

How often do you visit a restaurant before reviewing?

I spend my own hard earned cash eating out so it is pretty rare for me to have the luxury of visiting a restaurant several times before writing a review. Usually I just go once but I assume that most of you are in the same boat and can’t afford to visit a restaurant multiple times either.

Where can I read more about Gourmet Chick?

  • The Daily Mail (July 2016) named Gourmet Chick as one of the world’s top luxury travel bloggers.  “The best luxury travel bloggers to follow on Instagram to inspire wanderlust“. 
  • Tomatom (April 2014) ranked Gourmet Chick as second in a list of Melbourne’s top 200+ bloggers.  
  • Bandt (April 2014) also covered Gourmet Chick’s number two ranking
  • Sunday Style magazine (August 2013) included Gourmet Chick as one of its “top notch bloggers”.  They said “Waters chronicles her search for Melbourne’s best eating and drinking, along with travel tales and recipes. Engaging and well-written, Gourmet Chick posts regularly – but isn’t caught up in ambulance-chasing openings.  A good read.”
  • The City Apartment Book (April 2013) ranked Gourmet Chick as one of its five best luxury and lifestyle blogs
  • Qantas (July 2012) featured Gourmet Chick as a travel ambassador on its website Hooroo.
  • My Travel Money (July 2012) ranked Gourmet Chick as one of its Top 10 Foodie Travel Blogs.
  • Edge Retreats (April 2012) ranked Gourmet Chick as one of the world’s Top 20 luxury travel blogs.
  • Mise En Place (April 2012) featured an interview with me where I talked about my favourite chef and pet restaurant hate.
  • The Guardian (November 2011) featured Gourmet Chick in its Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Cision (November 2011) ranked Gourmet Chick as the number one UK Food and Travel blog.
  • London Confidential (August 2011) featured an interview with me covering everything from extreme diets to signature dishes.
  • Food News Journal (January 2011) highlighted the Gourmet Chick interview with Antonio Carluccio in “Best of the Blogs
  • Top Table (December 2010) featured Gourmet Chick as “one of the UK’s top food bloggers”, and I was featured again on Top Table in January 2011March 2011 and in December 2011.
  • Olive magazine (July 2010) featured Gourmet Chick as blog of the month. Olive said: “Cara Waters is an Aussie living in London, and her blog offers a great mix of recipes and restaurant reviews plus coverage of some exciting foodie trips. There are lots of lovely pics to inspire you and appealing recipes such as her lemon and chicken cous cous.”
Do you let restaurants know you are reviewing them? I generally visit restaurants anonymously and I pay for everything myself. Sometimes I am invited along to try a restaurant but I always make this clear in the review and not paying for a meal is no guarantee of a good review.
What camera do you use for photographs?
All the photographs on this site are taken by me or MTV. I use my iPhone or my Sony Cybershot  DSC RX-100 which is pretty much the closest point and shoot you can get to an SLR.  So any bad photography can only be blamed on me (ok and dim restaurant lighting) rather than the camera.  If you want to use any of the photos please just ask first.
What about travel? 
I lived in London for five years where I took advantage of being able to get to Europe in less than two hours.  Now that I have moved back to Melbourne it is not quite so quick, easy and cheap to travel but I try to keep on satisfying my wanderlust with trips in Asia and around Australia.   For me, experiencing new food and flavours is one of the joys of travelling and I have been known to schedule holidays purely around where the best places are to eat. MTV is a patient man! You can find all my restaurant reviews outside Melbourne and London by clicking on the “Travel” link at the top of the page.
What about cooking?
I eat out a lot but I do love to cook so I have also included some of my favourite recipes, reviews of cookbooks, the best places for gourmet shopping and even reviews of cooking classes. You can find this all under in the side panel.
You still have more questions?
I love reading your questions and comments on the blog so please keep them coming and let me know if there are any places you think I should check out. You can also get in touch with me directly at missgourmetchick[at]gmail[dot]com if you feel the urge to invite me to a fabulous party or restaurant opening (I can only live in hope). Otherwise you can follow me on Instagram at @carawaters, on Twitter at @carawaters and on Facebook.


  1. Hi Cara,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I’ve been blogging about food in my local area for the past four or so years (‘The Rare Welsh Bit’), but recently branched out into travel as well. I was inspired by 7 weeks spent in Jamaica last year, after leaving my full-time job just a few months earlier.

    You are such an inspiration to aspiring travel bloggers like myself! I’m including a link to your page under my ‘Fave Blogs’ section to share your blog with my readers!

    Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing your posts as always 🙂


  2. Hi Cara

    I found your blog online and really liked your recipes!

    I actually represent a company called mealdish (www.mealdish.com). Mealdish is a recipe website that helps people eat better via an intelligent meal planning tool. I believe that much of the challenge of healthy eating isn’t always in the physical act of cooking, but regularly planning and deciding what to cook.

    What MealDish does is it takes a couple of simple preferences from the user, then recommends a series of recipes suitable for them, scales ingredient quantities, and produces a collated shopping list. Much like HelloFresh if you’re familiar with their service offering, except with more personalisation.

    We are looking to reach out to others to promote and feature their recipes, mutually share content and recipes and seek your support for our website. A short blog on how to use MealDish or permission to share your recipes (with a link to your website) would be great. This is an example of one we got from IronChef Shellie https://mealdish.com/recipe/iron-chef-shellie-vietnamese-chicken-salad

    Let us know if you are interested in pursuing this collaboration.

    Kind regards


  3. Hi Cara,

    My name is Nicole McRae and I am a staff member of what I believe is one of the most unique cafes in Melbourne… ‘Tradeblock Cafe’

    Tradeblock Cafe (sharing the historic grounds of Victorian College for the Deaf and Deaf Children Australia (cnr St Kilda Rd and High St) has been providing opportunities for Deaf students and adult trainees for almost six years. Tradeblock is a fully fledged cafe frequented by general members of the public, the Melbourne Deaf Community and of course students and staff of the college. We are open from 8:30am to 2:30pm, Tuesday – Friday (school term only).

    We would love for you to visit our cafe and have a coffee on us! We sell a range of delicious homemade sweets, light breakfast and lunch items and coffee which meets the high standards of Melbournians 🙂 (Here is an article about us featured in Bean Scene Magazine: https://www.beanscenemag.com.au/articles/view/the-tradeblock-cafe-signs-a-future) Our coffee beans are sourced from local coffee roaster ‘Coffee Supreme’.

    Our students and Trainees are skilled communicators – they are so good at breaking down perceived communication barriers and assist non-signing customers with placing their orders using many strategies – teaching Auslan (Australian Sign Language) signs, mime, gesture, writing down the message and also our fabulous new Tradeblock Cafe App (developed in partnership by the Australian Communication Exchange) which can be downloaded for free on iPads.

    Check us out on Facebook: Tradeblock Deaf Cafe at VCD, and Instagram: @tradeblockcafe_vcd

    So come visit!!!

    Nicole and the Tradeblock Team 🙂

  4. Hi Cara,

    I was just visiting your blog. It looks tremendously fabulous. I have a paid opportunity for you. I have a client who is interested to have a paid blog post text ad and a side bar advertisement on your blog. The blog post and the ad will be around the theme of your blog. They will require 1 or 2 do-follow links from the blog post. Please let me know how much will you charge and what is your turn around time of publication?


  5. Hello.

    This is Hyun Ju Park from Korean Cultural Centre, non-profit organization, run by Korean Gov.

    We would like to send an invitation of a tasting and a lecture of Korean Traditional Alcohol coming in Nov. This event will be presented by Julia Melo, an Australian currently living in Korea.

    It will be appreciated if you let us know the name of a person we have to send the invitation to and her/his email.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Hyun Ju Park

    Korean Cultural Centre
    Manager of Public relations
    Hyun Ju Park

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