Learning all the things at Knowledge Market: Sponsored Post

Making porchetta as part of the Knowledge Market

There’s an art to making a good porchetta and the guys behind Saluministi are all over it.  They shared some of their secrets at the launch of the Knowledge Market at Victoria Harbour which I was invited along to.  After the success of Salumnisti’s catering business and pop up shop in North Melbourne, the team

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How to make pizza at home

My finished product - Italian sausage pizza

Anyone who has ever eaten one of Johnny Di Francesco’s pizzas at 400 Gradi knows how good they are.  After all Johnny was crowned the world’s best pizza maker a few years ago taking out the specialita traditionale garantita pizza prize for his margherita pizza.  Johnny’s pizzas are made in the traditional Napoli style which

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How to make Zabaglione with strawberries: La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School

Zabaglione freddo al Moscato con le fragole

This simple Italian custard dessert is delicious served chilled with a rich berry coulis which adds zing.  I learnt how to make it at the La Cucina Di Sandra cooking school in Richmond. La Cucina is run by passionate foodie Sandra Del Greco from her Richmond home.  Classes are small in size and focus on Italian

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Olivigna brings Tuscany to Warrandyte: La Sala

Pasta feast at Olivigna

I’m one of those Melbourne obsessives who thinks that Melbourne is the best city in the world to live in.  But one of the things I do miss about my time in London is the easy access to Europe for quick getaways.  Australia can feel very isolated sometimes.  But luckily for me about 15 years

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How to make pork and fennel sausages


Recent years have seen the rise of the rock star butcher.  Sure your traditional butchers are still around but in order to compete with the cheap meat on offer at supermarkets, butcher shops are differentiating themselves with top produce, top service and even a little bit of glamour.  Think Victor Churchill in Sydney which looks

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