Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb at Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel


Not all lamb is created equally. To really experience this I was invited to attend a special dinner to try out Three Rivers Saltbush Lamb from the Echuca region along the Murray.  This lamb is raised on a single property and the lamb grazes on native saltbush, long the “seasoning” in indigenous Australians diet.  

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Five levels of fun: Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya Restaurant


A Japanese restaurant complete with its own ski gondala? Welcome to Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya.  The three year refit of Fitzroy’s Old Colonial Inn is now complete and Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya is just one part of this quirky five storey venue on Brunswick Street. Up top there’s The Upside Rooftop bar.  Mr MTV and

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Transformer Fitzroy may just convert this carnivore

Mushrooms at Transformer

As a committed carnivore I have been known to wonder out loud “where is the bacon?” when I eat at vegetarian restaurants.  But Transformer Fitzroy may just have converted me to the world of vegetarians, at least for a meal or two.  Transformer is owned by the same team as vegetarian stalwart The Vegie Bar

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Archie’s All Day proves Fitzroy can always fit another cafe

Dirty eggs with tater tots at Archie's All Day

It’s reaching breaking point in Fitzroy.  Former denizens of the suburb are now homeless having been turfed out to make room for yet another cafe.  Just when you thought Fitzroy could not take one more place serving up all day breakfasts and single origin coffee, Archie’s All Day opened.  The owners obviously know more about

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