Cheap eats at Tahina

Red shakshuka at Tahina

I do love some Middle Eastern food.  After all I’m officially Ottolenghi obsessed and my perfect breakfast is a serve of Shakshuka. So Tahina’s opening in Northcote is kind of a big deal for me. Tahina serves up Israeli street food created by Tel Aviv born chef Roy Sassonkin. This is no fine dining establishment.

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Going casual at Estelle Bistro

Banana and toffee soufflé

Farewell to the pink and blue tiles and goodbye to the degustation only menu.  Northcote’s much loved Estelle restaurant has been reinvented as the more casual Estelle Bistro.  The restaurant looks slicker with polished glass along the back of the bar and brass accents and moody lighting giving the front room an intimate feel.  

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Barry blitzes it in Northcote

Cucumber and gin cured ocean trout at Barry

You would think Barry is the only cafe in Northcote the way locals and almost locals (like me) have flocked to this new opening like seagulls to a chip.  From the day it opened its doors, right next to the gorgeous Westgarth cinema, Barry has been packed.  It’s not that surprising when you check the

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