Jeremy Charles at Woodland House


It’s no mean feat to take on Jaques Reymond’s former restaurant after 27 years and reinvent it but that’s what Reymond’s former chefs, Thomas Woods and Hayden McFarland, have attempted to do at Woodland House. As a sign of just how much they are shaking things up at this former bastion of French cuisine, for

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Morris Jones: Smoke and mirrors


At first glance Morris Jones, at the Prahran end of Chapel Street, appears to be a bar.  A serious looking bar lined with exposed bricks dominates the warehouse space and the only times I’ve been in previously has been exclusively for drinks.  But an invitation to eat dinner at Morris Jones made me realise this

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Three best places for Vietnamese street food in Melbourne


The sort of food you buy on the side of the street in Vietnam and eat sitting perched on tiny plastic stools is pretty popular in Melbourne right now.  I’m not talking about your traditional Vietnamese restaurants along Victoria street in Richmond or out in little Saigon in Footscray, but instead the new wave of

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