Gourmet Giveaway plus how to make dukkah lamb with watermelon salad

Finishing the salad

Lately I’ve been trying to cook on the BBQ as much as possible.  Even if the weather isn’t playing ball there’s something very satisfying about cooking on an open flame in the great outdoors (or at least my backyard).  A delivery of some Moro olive oil this week made me think about using the oil

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How to make pork and fennel sausages


Recent years have seen the rise of the rock star butcher.  Sure your traditional butchers are still around but in order to compete with the cheap meat on offer at supermarkets, butcher shops are differentiating themselves with top produce, top service and even a little bit of glamour.  Think Victor Churchill in Sydney which looks

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How to make BBQ lamb cutlets with hot feta dressing (The Silver Spoon)


I have arrived back in Australia and one of the first things on my wish list was a barbeque with some Australian lamb.  It was a case of lots of Christmas happy-happy-joy-joy to discover on the doorstep a review copy of The Silver Spoon  with a recipe by Karen Martini for chargrilled lamb cutlets. I

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