Pirosmani (Gourmet Chick in Estonia)

Georgia is in the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment, however food from Georgia with its mix of Slavic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours is very popular in Estonia. So our Estonian friends insisted on a trip to the Georgian restaurant Pirosmani, set in the forest about 20 minutes drive from Tallinn. This small restaurant that looks like a log cabin is reportedly the first place the Georgian president came when he visited Estonia in 2004. Proof of his visit is in the piano that he presented to Pirosmani which sits in the corner.

The food at Pirosmani is hearty and ridiculously cheap. Our group of nine ordered piles of dishes to share. We started with Kachapuri which is a bit like a gourmet toasted cheese sandwich. Next there were rolls of pastry filled with minced lamb and Hinkali which are Georgian dumplings. These were all fabulous and I could see why the Estonians were fond of Georgian cuisine.

Our main course comprised huge platters of grilled meats with some token salad and Kartofili (fried potato) as a garnish. MTV boyfriend and the other boys were in their element. There were platters of chicken fillets, pork fillets and lamb cutlets which were all grilled and served quite simply without sauces or adornments. Despite the cheap price the meat was fairly good quality and nice and juicy.

The food and presentation is all pretty low key at Pirosmani and the restaurant will not be winning any style awards any time soon. However for a cheap and filling feed in a unique setting it is worth the trip from Tallinn to Pirosmani.

Details: 1 Uliopilaste, Tallinn, Estonia (See map on the website)

Damage: Such a bargain that even my mother would approve


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