The Holly Bush

I know that cute is a word that should usually be reserved for fluffy kittens and babies rather than pubs, but the thing about The Holly Bush in Hampstead is that there is really no better way to describe it. The place is just so cute nestled down a little pathway among the Hampstead mews with its old etched glass windows, potbelly stove and tin ceiling. The fact that it is over 200 years old just adds to the charming atmosphere especially when you are a girl from Australia where there are no buildings that old.

The menu offers a host of traditional pub options, including the “sexy homemade big scotch egg” which may be the first time a scotch egg has ever been described as sexy. However we are there on a Sunday with friends so all four of us get the Sunday roast. The roast chicken is all gone by 6.30pm so we are left with the roast sirloin and roast lamb. The menu says all the right things about the produce, not only is my sirloin organic, it has also been hung for 28 days and the potatoes that accompany it are cooked in goose fat so obviously they are the creme de la creme of potatoes.

The serving size was very generous – particularly the huge slabs of meat that would surely have defeated lesser men and women. Everything was very tasty (in particular those goose fat potatoes) although our meals may have been languishing in the kitchen for slightly too long as they were just a little bit cold. I will be back though, even just for a drink as it is just so darn cute.

Details: 22 Hollymount, Hampstead, London NW36SG (Ph 0207 435 2892)

Damage: Reasonable

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