Restaurant Scandinavian – Summer Cafe (Gourmet Chick in Russia)

 At Restaurant Scandinavian in Moscow the food is western with a touch of Scandinavia and everyone speaks English. I can see the attraction for the expats that flock here in a city and country that can be hard work at times. That said, obviously don’t come here for an authentic Russian experience.

The Restaurant Scandinavian is a fairly high end restaurant, but from May to September the “Summer Cafe” operates in the garden outside. Metal tables are clustered under leafy trees providing a welcome refuge from the city.

MTV boyfriend and I were very tame and ignored the Scandinavian options to both order the club sandwich. Inside the toasted bread was some nice chicken breast and bacon. It was served with a small side salad and we ordered chips as well. The chips were delicious, covered in a mix of spices and what tasted like chicken salt. Every other table had ordered the chips as well so they were obviously a bit of a specialty or maybe everyone was just hungover.

Sitting in the dappled sunshine with a couple of beers, even the bill did not seem too bad.

Details: Palashevsky per 7, Teverskaya 19 (Ph: +7 495 937 56 30)
Damage: Pricey

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