Yolki-Palki (Gourmet chick in Russia)

Yolki Palki had been recommended to us by a few friends who had previously visited Moscow, however in hindsight the stuffed roosters perched on balustrades in the restaurant should have been a warning signal.

The decor of Yolki-Palki is completely over the top with the restaurant set out to look like a farmyard with fake trees, wagons and of course the roosters. Nevertheless, we ignored the faux rural setting and sat down to our meal with some Russian beer. We started with a selection of piroski which are traditional Russian pies (pictured) to begin. These small pies made of bread are filled with cabbage, meat, mushrooms or apple and cinnamon. The apple and cinnamon version was a bit too sweet for an entree (it was like eating dessert to begin the meal) but the other piroski were light and tasty.

The main meals listed on the menu focused on grilled meats and the “all you can eat” salad bar (which seemed to comprise lots of potatoes mainly). I opted for the pork fillet served with rice and vegetables. Sadly the vegetables were almost totally lacking and I could only find small flecks of carrot in the rice. After a similar missing vegetable experience at The Other Side I was starting to worry that I might develop scurvy in Russia.

Yolki-Palki does provide food and drinks for a fairly reasonable price. This is no small task in a city where you seem to bleed money at every turn. It is also much beloved by Muscovites, and was packed on the night we visited. However, don’t come here looking for quality or particularly tasty food.

Details: Novy Arabat ul 11, Moscow, Russia (and other locations around Moscow)

Damage: Reasonable


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