MTV boyfriend is not the ballet type. To be honest, not many boys are. It didn’t matter though as I had ballet aficionados Amanda and Chloe to accompany me to Sadlers Wells. By the time the last pirouette had been performed it was almost 10pm and we were starving. We headed down the road to Exmouth Market where Moro said they could squeeze us in as long as we promised to order the full menu and not just tapas. We assured them this was not a problem at all. We were so famished that tapas would not be enough.

Mind you, we could not resist the tapas entirely, so we had some to begin. Hummus was good, olives were better and the Boquerones (anchovies in deliciously salty but sweet vinegar) were the best. Bread and tap water were also provided which are both important things in my books.

The large light room was packed (when they said squeeze us in they meant it) and there is nowhere to hide, whether for the couples canoodling at the bar or the chefs in the open kitchen. Nevertheless, service was friendly and efficient.

Moving onto mains, wood roasted Old Spot pork with slow-cooked fennel and chickpeas with jamon was a generous serving with succulent slices of pork splayed on the plate. My wood roasted partridge with morcilla (a Spanish black pudding), mushrooms and Oloroso sherry was actually a whole small partridge which was quite spectacular although fiddly.

The desserts were sublime. Chocolate and apricot tart was incredibly moist and decadent with just a hint of apricot running through it. Cardamon ice cream was rich and creamy which provided a delightful contrast to the crunchy rosewater petals it contained.

There were a few things I’d change. The pork was quite fatty and the partridge had the opposite problem and was dry. The wine list is extortionately priced. Putting these minor niggles aside, Moro has a lot going for it. It is friendly and unpretentious while serving food that is interesting and flavoursome.

Details: 34-36 Exmouth Market, East London, EC1R 4QE (Ph 020 7833 8336)
Damage: Pricey
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  1. Unfortunately, still to this today the pork in the main courses is still horribly fatty. Ridiculously so in fact.

    Great wine list, but floor staff should be a little more versed in what is what as well.

    Still it was a good evening with relaxed service (hello waitress from Tasmania!).

  2. Benn – interesting to hear your more up to date report – I haven’t been back in a while but am working my way through the Moro cookbooks at the moment which are great.

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