The Rapscallion

Multi-tasking. We females specialise in it. We LOVE doing two things at once. However, restaurants are generally not so successful at multi-tasking. Particularly when a restaurant tries to be both a restaurant and a bar.

This was the problem with The Rapscallion. It would be a perfectly good bar with its loud music, bustling atmosphere and slightly tired decor. However, it should have just stuck to serving bar snacks rather than trying to churn out rather forgettable food.

MTV boyfriend and I were in Clapham for a friends birthday so we popped into The Rapscallion for dinner first. It is an atmospheric little place dominated by the bar with lots of candles and somewhat worn looking blond wood furniture. We were instantly charmed by our waitress who was truly excellent. By which I mean that she was friendly and didn’t neglect us. What a shock in London.

The menu sounded exciting enough with a mix of European and Asian dishes. MTV boyfriend ordered the warm roast chicken filled with prosciutto, red pepper, feta cheese and candied eggplant. What he got was a poncey looking stack of rather dry chicken balanced on eggplant and drizzled in jus. I ordered the tuna steak with steamed jasmine rice, cucumber ribbons and mango salsa. Again, the tuna steak resembled a small food version of the leaning tower of Pisa, with two pieces of tuna teetering atop a disc of jasmine rice. Even with the added zing of the mango salsa it was a fairly bland dish. Both meals were a triumph of style over substance.

Desserts were similarly uninspiring. MTV boyfriends creme brulee wasn’t set so it resembled a dribbly custard mixture. My lemon tart was drowned in a sea of artistically squirted raspberry sauce.

That said, the cheeky little Chianti that we drank with dinner was not bad at all. As I said, The Rapscallion is more bar than restaurant.

Details: 75 Venn Street, Clapham Sw4OBD (Ph 0207 787 6555)
Damage: Reasonable
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  1. Gosh, you’ve got an incredibly good dentist!

  2. Anyone who has an MTV boyfriend and says so can not possibly be a gourmet chic – perhaps

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