Big Easy

New Orleans is often affectionately called “The Big Easy” and Big Easy tries to replicate the atmosphere of an American rib and crayshack. Although, I doubt that many people who eat on Kings Road head there after “a hard day’s fishing”.

The tables at Big Easy are laid with cheery red and white checked table cloths while the wood panelled walls are covered with signs spouting home-spun wisdom. I can’t help but feel as if I have wandered into the movie set for Sweet Home Caroline. MTV boyfriend and I are there with a group of nine friends and it seems that most people at Big Easy are part of a large group soaking up the party atmosphere. We order cocktails to begin, my Big Easy Mule is delicious but quite potent. If only it wasn’t a school night.

A huge platter to share arrives at our table loaded up with a selection of the different entrees on offer. The “Voodoo” chicken wings are very good with quite a spicy kick to the sauce lightly covering the plump chicken wings. I am not so keen on the breadcrumbed unidentifiable fish or the greasy deep fried calamari.

Our group splits along gender lines when the main dishes arrive, the boys have all found it impossible to resist the BBQ ribs while the girls have gone for the seafood options. My roasted 1kg Maine lobster is literally half a lobster complete with all the accouterments for cracking the claws open. It is not the best lobster I have ever had but for £14.95 including a Margarita and chips it’s not bad.

I manage to swipe a few of MTV’s boyfriends BBQ ribs but I am not that impressed. The servings are absolutely huge with the ribs presented on what would usually be known as a platter rather than a plate. The BBQ smoked baby back ribs are smothered with a dark and sticky “special recipe” BBQ sauce and served alongside beans and coleslaw which the boys ignore. It is messy work and bibs are provided much to our amusement. There is something quite primeval and satisfying about munching on a rib however the serving sizes are just ridiculous and it seems to me that this dish is more about size and style than substance. To prove this point, there is an “Honour” board on the wall listing people who have managed to eat seven servings of the ribs.

We can only laugh with incredulity when the dessert menu is offered, there is really no hope of that. It’s a fun place for a night out, but the enjoyment is more in the novelty value than the quality of the food. I leave still expecting the cast of My Best Friend’s Wedding to emerge and Cameron Diaz to rise up from one of the tables singing “Say a little prayer”.

Details: 332 Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW3 5UR (Ph 020 7352 4071)
Damage: Pricey
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