I am not usually a fan of shopping centres, but the weather was SO awful on Saturday, I had shopping that had to be done and the clincher, they were giving away free champagne in lots of the shops. Champagne is something I find hard to resist, but free champagne …

So off I trotted to the new White City London and it was very big and very brash and everyone seemed impervious to the darkening financial clouds. What they did have though was an outlet of Buttercup, the cup cake shop from South Kensington.

They had trays of confetti coloured cup cakes and even special Halloween cup cakes. I stuck with the Chocolate Purist cup cake because that’s the type of girl I am. They use Belgian chocolate so the cup cake was suitably velvety and decadent. It was very good, although perhaps not quite as good as Hummingbird’s cup cakes. Still, it was a nice place to sit down with a cup of tea and get away from the madness and the lure of free champagne.

Details: Buttercup, White City, Shepherds Bush W12 7GF
Damage: £2.50 per cupcake


  1. I completely agree – I have yet to find cupcakes better than Hummingbird’s in London….and I have eaten a lot of them in the name of research.

  2. It is a hard task Joyce but it is good to hear that you have devoted yourself to such important research.

  3. I think Hummingbird do the best, but Buttercup is a close second! Their vanilla purist is lovely!
    Have you tried Crumbs and Doilies or Outsider tart yet? They’re both good as well, as is Lola’s (although they have been a bit dry the last couple of times!)
    just stumbled across your blog so am working my way through it – its great 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tips I heart cupcakes. I can’t believe you have a whole blog devoted to cupcakes – fabulous!

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