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Daylesford Organic has just opened a branch in Notting Hill. Barrows of plants and pristine vegetables are arranged at the doorway while inside is a symphony of blond wood and walls lined with copies of Prince Charles’ book on gardening and overpriced organic cleaning products. Of course, all of this is a roaring success in Notting Hill and I wonder why Daylesford Organic even bothered with it’s Plimlico store prior to heading to such welcoming environs.

Daylesford Organic in Notting Hill boasts a bread bar, larder restaurant and a raw bar which serves only raw food. However Joyce, MTV boyfriend and I head there for breakfast so the only options are cooked rather than raw food (I really don’t think I could face anything raw other than say, a fruit salad, prior to 10am in the morning).

The breakfast menu is very limited and both Joyce and I end up ordering off the lunch menu which results in Joyce having the bizarre breakfast of potted shrimp on toast. We started off with freshly squeezed juices and the carob smoothie which was rather grainy for my liking. I ordered the wild mushrooms on toast which the menu promised was served with a hens egg. I felt that this was a conceit on the part of the menu writer as surely that an egg is from a hen is the default position and such additional information as to the type of bird is only necessary when you are dealing with something like quail or duck eggs. That said, the wild mushrooms served on good quality toasted bread with an avocado puree (pictured) were earthy and flavoursome.

MTV boyfriend had the eggs benedict which was served with a day-glo hollandaise sauce and streaky bacon rather than ham. He approved of the streaky bacon but was not such a fan of the average coffee that accompanied his breakfast. We asked for extra toast as Joyce has hollow legs and one course for breakfast is just not enough for her. The toast came with some fantastic jam and marmalade and best of all we were not charged anything extra for it. The food was very good but the limited menu and space cadet attitude of the staff mean that Daylesford Organic won’t be replacing my regular breakfast haunts anytime soon.

Details: 208-212 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, W112RH (Ph 020 7313 8060)

Damage: Reasonable


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  1. Free toast must be there preferred method to try and make up for the terrible service, we got free toast too but had to virtually wrestle them into taking our order. Amazing eggs though.

  2. It is hard to make up for terrible service – I will have to try the eggs.

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