Slow Food Market

As Saturday was positively balmy by London in December standards, MTV boyfriend and I rode our bikes down to Southbank to check out the Slow Food Market. MTV boyfriend was somewhat bemused by the Slow Food moniker and I explained to him that Slow Food was supposed to the the antithesis of Fast Food. It was food prepared with care as to its provenance in a clean, safe way that does not harm the environment.

The market was smaller than I expected only containing 20 or so stalls, however there was a tempting variety of food on offer as a snack or to take home. One stand was entirely filled with stacks of pungent cheeses while another offered freshly shucked Colchester oysters with a glass of wine.
After much taste testing, I picked up some amazing chutney to take home and we deliberated as to what to have for lunch. We could not resist buying a roast pork roll from the stall which was roasting a whole pig Portuguese style. The aroma was wafting all over the market and the pig had attracted a big queue of customers. The pork was served in a ciabatta with apple sauce and rocket for £4.50. It was my kind of fast food.
If you are in London you can still get to the market today or tomorrow.
Details: Southbank (closest tube Waterloo) London from 20 – 23 December 2008, 12pm – 9pm.


  1. Unfortunately the Slow Food movement in the UK has not had the uptake and adoption the concept deserves. I first found out about this in 1999 and have been disappointed with the lack of growth here in the UK.

    In Italy they are absolutely nuts for it where a lot of restaurants, producers and suppliers buy into the concept.

  2. It does seem strange that it has not caught on. Slow Food is very big in the US and Australia as well. Although from a serach on the internet it appears that Oxford has quite an active slow food movement – maybe it is just London!

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