A la Flute Gana (Gourmet Chick in France)

Upon arrival in Paris I had two pressing issues to deal with. The first was how to look as chic as the Parisians. This is immediately a lost cause given that there is snow on the ground, it is minus six degrees and my sensible layers shout eskimo rather than elfin. The second is where to get my morning croissant. This is a serious consideration as despite the fact that there is a boulangerie on every corner in Paris not all croissants are equal.


The majority of boulangeries in Paris no longer bake their croissants from scratch but use a ready mix instead which they then bake. In order to avoid the perils of a pre-prepared croissant I consulted Chez Pim who has listed the best croissant in each arrondissement. Pim’s choice for the 20th arrondissement is A la flute Gana. The word flute is another term for baguette and Gana comes from Ganachaud , the family name of the owners of this tiny boulangerie. Despite the varied boulangeries that stood between me and Pim’s recommendation I pursued my croissant with single minded determination. After a fifteen minute walk through the icy streets I reached A la flute Gana and had the croissant in my hot little hands.

My croissant was perfectly formed in sculptural waves with a golden hue. The exterior flaked in my hand as I tore it apart to expose the soft clouds of pastry inside. One bite and the croissant mission was worth it. The pastry was sweet but not cloying. I could relax. I might not have had the Parisian style but I did have an excellent croissant.

Details: A la Flute Gana, 226 Rue des Pyrenees, Paris 75020. Open every day.


  1. Woohoo! Will look up that book for when I go in April (yes, quite de trop, but Paris in Spring? how could I say no?) to essentially transport my entire weekend from London to Paree. Porquoi non? Am being loaned a friends apartment while she hotfoots it to la campagne, so I’ll have to ask her to leave ‘hot local food’ directions. Or, hot local men directions…

  2. Paris in spring time with your own apartment will be amazing. Enjoy….

  3. You can find La Flute Gana’s sister boulangerie in Vincennes, France — just a few metro stops away from the 20th arrond. There baguettes are always hot and simply the best!

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