I must confess that I have an Obama obsession. It almost makes me wish I was American so he could be my president. So to celebrate his inauguration today I popped into Melt in Notting Hill to pick up some sea salted caramels which are alleged to be Obama’s favourite.

Melt is heaven for a chocoholic. Rather than adopting the traditional chocolate shop approach where everything is locked away behind glass cabinets the chocolates are out there in the open glistening in the light and tempting you with their come hither aromas. The chocolates are all hand made and the range of flavours is amazing from Jasmine tea truffles to chili chocolate. They also do selections of chocolates with top chefs including Skye Gyngell and Mark Hix.

I am a woman on a mission though and I ignore the champagne truffles tempting though they may be and head straight for the Maldon Sea Salted Caramels. In selecting salted caramels as his favourite, Obama is of course bang on trend. The New York Times describes salted caramel as “the flavour of the year” originating in Brittany, France and then being picked up at high end restaurants (Gordon Ramsay’s New York “London” restaurant serves sea salt caramel ice cream) before finally making its way main stream to a Starbucks flavour.

My verdict on Melt’s Maldon sea salt caramels? A great combination between the saccharine sugar high of the caramel and the bite of the salt. Like a Snickers bar for grown ups and perfect to watch the inauguration with.

Details: 59 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill W11 2AA (Ph 020 7727 5030)

Damage: Pricey £13 for 10 sea salted caramels

You may also be interested in: a nearby sugar hit in the form of a cup cake at Hummingbird Bakery or if you have a chocolate craving try this recipe for cheats chocolate mousse.

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