Saba (Gourmet Chick in Ireland)

Christmas in Ireland was full of beautiful, crisp clear days. It was cold, but for once Ireland did not live up to its name of “the country whose roof leaks”. I always eat (and drink) way too much when I am in Ireland. From traditional dishes such as bacon and cabbage to Thai. Yes, Thai. My sister spent the past two years living in Dublin and her favourite restaurant is a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant called Saba.


I was a little suspicious of a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant – in my mind the two cuisines are pretty different but I was still happy to go along with my sister’s recommendation as an adopted local. Saba is a slick, sexy space with dark wood tables and hints of Asia in the sepia toned photos on the walls and the lacquer work that surrounds the bar.

The cocktail selection at the bar is great and we settled in with a round of mojitos. I can’t resist the hoisin duck rolls to start. The combination of duck and deep frying is fabulous. I manage to swipe some black pepper squid which is suitably crunchy and light.

I am somewhat obsessed with pad thai which means that I often order it and am often disappointed. Sadly, Saba’s pad thai continues this trend. It is just too saccharine and the delicate balance of sweet, sour and spice is thrown. We decide that more cocktails are a better idea than dessert. Keeping up the tradition of eating and drinking too much in Ireland.

Details: 26-28 Clarendon street, Dublin 2, Ireland (Ph 01 679 2000)

Damage: Pricey – Dublin is an expensive city!


Other recommendations for Dublin

Millers Pizza – Thin crispy based pizzas with delectable toppings. Fun atmosphere and open late. (50 Upper Baggott Street, Ballsbridge, Ireland -Ph 01 660 6022)

Dylan Boutique Hotel – Amazing Alice in Wonderland style decor makes this a beautiful, stylish place to have a drink (Eastmoreland Place, Dublin 4, Ireland – Ph 01 660 3000)


  1. I can never resist those duck rolls either! The crispy fat, the succulent meat – yum! I know what you mean about pad thai too – its always crap. Why?! Then you get food envy of what your mate ordered – I hate that!

  2. Thanks Helen – I think Pad Thai is one of those barometer dishes. When it is good you know that you are eating great Thai.

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