Ristorante La Baita (Gourmet Chick in Italy)

First things first, I have had a makeover. I hope you like it. MTV boyfriend thinks it is a bit girly but I reminded him that I was a girl so that happens sometimes. I hope male readers can cope. Personally, I am delighted with my new look. Let me know what you think.

Now to the food. Sometimes it takes a humble little family run restaurant high up in the Italian Alps to remind you how simple good food can be. Ristorante La Baita is a spartan looking restaurant tucked away in the ski town of Sestiere. The appearance may be basic but you will be welcomed by the friendly owner even if his English is nearly as minimal as your Italian.

Bottles of sweet prosecco arrive at our table and platters of parma ham and salami (pictured above). This is meant to be antipasti but clearly there is no such thing as a vegetarian at Ristorante La Baita as the platters are filled with delicate layers of cured meat. We don’t complain and tuck into the fatty goodness pairing it with crusty sliced baguette.

The choice of main course is limited but each offering looks more delicious than the next. A beef stew drips with rich brown sauce and is truly the essence of rural simplicity. Chicken cacciatore offers a plump, moist leg of chicken wrapped in pancetta and and coated with a creamy tomato sauce. It tastes like there is just a hint of mascarpone cheese in the sauce adding depth to this classic dish (pictured below).


The dessert menu offers all the Italian classics including a version of tiramasu that is beyond reproach. All lightness and fluff with a hint of coffee flavouring I wonder aloud whether it is the best tiramasu I have ever tasted. Sweet yet tart lemon gelati is served in scooped out whole lemons adding a touch of whimsy to the table. We probably should have finished the evening there but our friendly host arrives at the table with coffees and a large bottle of limoncella. Served chilled it is the perfect digestif.

Details: V Louset, 4, Sestiere, 10058, Italy (Ph +39 (0122) 77496)

Damage: Reasonable


If you enjoyed this you can read about less successful meals in the snow at La Chamade in the French Alps or for a taste of Italy in London try Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen.


  1. Wow – I love the new look of your blog! Great job.

  2. We enjoyed working with you and your fabulous blog 😉

  3. I like the new look as well. As for the food – it looks amazing. I have no plans to visit the Italian Alps in the near future, so I’ll just have to gawp at what you’ve eaten instead!

  4. American in London – Thanks muchly

    Delicious Design – Thanks for all your hard work

    Dan – As a male I am glad you like it! It seems that wherever you go in Italy the food is amazing.

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