Baejarins Bestu (Gourmet Chick in Iceland)

On a desolate street corner in Reykjavik stands a hot dog stall that is famous around the world. Bill Clinton, Metallica and just about every other famous and not so famous visitor to Iceland stops at Baejarins Bestu for a hot dog.

The bizarre Blue Lagoon just outside of Reykjavik

Baejarins Bestu is not much to look at. There are a few stools outside but otherwise not much shelter from the bitter Icelandic wind. The menu is limited to hot dogs and soft drink. Baejarins Bestu has had such success with their hot dogs that they have seen no need to diversify into other offerings such as chips or burgers.

This single minded devotion to the dog has paid dividends through Bejarins Bestu’s international recognition. The hot dogs are made mostly from lamb and taste meaty rather than rubbery. The bun is fresh with a hint of sweetness and served with crunchy fried onions, tomato sauce, mayonnaise and mustard.

I must confess that I asked for no mustard rather than “eina med ollu” which is with the lot. The hot dog man was dubious “the mustard is the best part” he chided but even without the crowning glory Bejarins Bestu’s hot dog was still delicious. After all who was I to argue with Bill Clinton and Metallica (who ate seven).

Details: Tryggvagata (no street number), Reykjavik, Iceland (Ph 011 354 894 4514)

Damage: Such a bargain even my mother would approve


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  1. Having grown up eating a fair amount of hot dog (sad, but true), in my humble opinion, 100% beef is the minimum requirement for a good ‘dog. Also, I like them grilled, rather than boiled. In any event, I love that you went to Iceland and had a hot dog. 🙂 I’ll give it a try if I ever make it there!

  2. Yay! Thank you for going for me! I am so glad you did. I can’t believe I never made it there myself. @ An American in London – they use lamb for everything in Iceland as the Icelandic lamb is famous for being incredibly delicious and I can say from personal experience – it is true!

  3. American in London – I am trying to put the gourmet back into hot dog! Met a few New Yorkers in iceland and they thought the hotdog was comparable to a New York one but usually in NY the onions would be grilled and not crispy.

    Helen: I think you are right there – while not traditional to have lamb there is not really much beef around in Iceland.

  4. Well, just to be clear, the vast majority of hot dogs sold in NY are pretty rubbish (i.e., anything swimming around in a vat of opaque water can’t be good to put in your stomach). So I’d be surprised if anyone claimed NY hot dogs are a benchmark, but I will say that I miss 100% beef (Hebrew National, but I’ll settle for Nathans) hot dogs that I grill myself!

  5. Wow, that hotdog looks amazing. Hot dogs aren’t something I ordinarily indulge in, but on the few nights each summer when my husband and I head out to a baseball game, a hotdog is always on the menu for me. Yu-um.

    Sweetfern Handmade

  6. Looks a lot like the hotdogs Swedes eat late at night when we would be eating kebabs! Tasty there too 🙂

  7. hmmm… that hot dog looks good… if you find yourself in Sydney, try the hotdog from Harry Cafe de wheel in Woolloomooloo and make sure you try the mashed peas =D

  8. Hot Dog man was right – the mustard is the best part.

  9. When I was in Reykjavik I went to this same stand the first day in town and had a hot dog with everything on it, and I must say it was absolutely amazing (the remoulade and crunchy onions were fantastic). I’m not the biggest fan of hot dogs, but these were so good that I made it back to the stand another two times during my short stay in Reykjavik.

    I made it a point to order two hot dogs every time I went, which was just the right amount of food for a light meal.

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