Essaouira Seafood Market (Gourmet Chick in Morocco)

Some of the seafood is still kicking as it sits waiting to be selected at the seafood market in Essaouira. This gives you some indication of how fresh your lunch is going to be. The seafood market is housed in small blue and white shacks which sit just outside the edge of Essaouira’s walls and right next to the port where the fishing boats unload their catch.

Each stall proudly displays its seafood selection and the fish are so fresh that they look like they last flipped their fins minutes before while the crabs and oysters will actually waive a pincer if prodded. The stall owners are clad in white coats and use their full powers of persuasion to try and get you to eat at their stall. Once you settle on a stall you point at the seafood that you want and it is collected, weighed and then cooked on the grill. For 60 dirhams (£6) you can get a drink, bread and salad to start and then a selection of sea bass, prawns and calamari.


The seafood arrives on old china plates which you eat from as you sit perched on rickety white wooden benches. What you lose in creature comforts though you gain in flavour as the fresh seafood shines through the slight charcoal taste of the grill and squeeze of lemon. The calamari is on the overcooked side but the prawns are spot on and delivery a big meaty flavour.

It is hard to imagine a better lunch as the sun shines down upon the shacks, the owners banter with the passers by and the bracing Essaouira wind blows at your back.

Details: Essaouira Port, Essaouira, Morocco

Damage: Such a bargain even my mother would approve



  1. Just look at that! We are VERY envious of your Moroccan experience! Woman visited when too young to really appreciate: your beautiful Moroccan posts are forcing us to consider very seriously making up for our shortcoming soon!

  2. This sounds brilliant. I am now counting down the months till we go here in September.

  3. £6 ? Seriously, why do we live here ?

  4. Oh, for some cheap seafood! Sounds great.

  5. I didn’t go to this place when I was in morocca. I would have loved to have gone!

  6. Man-Woman: I am similarly envious of all your trips to Italy

    Browners: I think it is a must do in Essaouria. Sure you will have a brilliant holiday.

    Neil: I wonder that myself sometimes…

    Lizzie: Sucha treat to get what we see as a reall luxury for a cheap price.

    A Girl Has to Eat: next time.

  7. That’s the bargain of the century!!

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