Fort St George (Gourmet Chick in Cambridge)

The Fort St George pub in Cambridge has everything going for it. The charming historic pub is situated in a prime location on the banks of the river Cam. It has a large beer garden which was the perfect spot to soak up the sunny weather on the weekend. The pub serves a selection of real ales and a range of other drinks including large jugs of Pimm’s. What a disappointment then that the food served is so grim.

The menu lists a range of pub standards and on a Sunday there is also a carvery option. The bacon and cheese burger is a generous serving however the size of the dish is really the only positive. The burger has a pallor like a greying corpse and is so overcooked that it is tough and rubbery. It is served with a side of greasy coleslaw and mediocre chips which are obviously commercially prepared rather than hand cut. The chips served with the fish and chips suffered from the same problem while the accompanying peas were soggy and the fish itself was watery with a cloying batter. The scampi received a similarly tepid reaction from our table due to the total absence of any taste at all inside the crispy crumbed exterior.

Scampi served with chips and peas

Prices are not bad by pub standards hovering around the £8 mark but I would prefer to pay more to eat food that had been prepared with a modicum of passion and care. If you are Cambridge pop in for a drink in the Fort St George’s beer garden but move onwards if you want something to eat.

Details: Midsummer Common, Cambridge, CB4 1HA (Ph 01223 305523)

Damage: Reasonable


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  1. Oh no 🙁 Such a shame when a pub has a nice garden but the food is rubbish. How hard can it be to get the basics like fish and chips right?

  2. Memories…I studied in Cambridge and I can’t tell the number of hours spent lazying about..oops…pursuing intellectual conversations in that pub. And in those (distant) days I didn’t even care too much about the grimness of the food. But yes, it IS grim.

  3. Ginger – I know my thoughts exactly

    Man-Woman – I seem to remember a lot of similar “intellectual conversations” at uni!

  4. Urrggh, typical bad pub food then! What a shame because the pub and location are both great.

  5. yes, such a shame as that pub might just be the cutest darn thing i have ever seen for a pub.

  6. Hello there! Just stumbled across this post and can’t agree more. The Fort St George is in a lovely location and perfect for mulled wine in front of the fire after the fireworks on the common. The food used to be quite nice, but I think there was a change of ownership last year and it’s now obviously all bought-in, semi-pre-prepared stuff. Really liked the new decor, but is so, so let down by the food.

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