Taste of London

Police barricades and bomb squads were probably not the introduction to the Taste of London festival that the organisers had in mind but this was what were greeted with on the first day of the Festival. Scheduled to start at 5.30pm the gates did not end up opening until almost 7pm. Apparently the problem was that someone had sent a letter threatening a bombing. To me, Taste of London seemed a strange event for a terrorist event. What do the terrorists have against middle class food lovers?

Freshly made chocolate sponges with orange sauce from the Vienna tourist board and Cafe Demel

Eventually we made it past the barricades and into the Taste of London. Set in beautiful Regent’s Park in the heart of London despite the queuing crowds once you were inside there was plenty of room. White tents dot the arena each one housing a different restaurant or producer. We head straight for the wine section to chat to some of the friendly vignerons and pick a cheeky glass of white to begin our journey. Everywhere you turn there are free samples; cheese, sausage and pies galore.

Michel Roux Jr at Le Gavroche

First stop is Chapel Down English Wines where we try a glass of English bubbly with three freshly shucked oysters for £6. The bubbly is a light pink colour and tastes very young but still light and refreshing. Oysters are served with a simple wedge of lemon and shallot and red wine vinegar which enhances their natural flavour rather than masking it. After much debate we end up at the stand for Le Gavroche and opt for the braised beef in red wine with creamed potatoes. Michel Roux Jr himself is at the stand signing books and helping serve up the food. The creamed potatoes are a little starchy for my liking but the braised beef is phenomenal. When you can cut through a chunk of beef using a plastic knife and fork on a paper plate you know that you are eating a seriously tender piece of meat. Dessert involves several courses in itself. We sample a few macaroons, a scoop of ice cream and then finally a trip to the Boxwood Cafe stand for their chocolate fondue which is served with marshmallows, biscotti and strawberries.

The Taste of London festival is an expensive day out when you factor in the ticket price (£21 for a standard ticket) and then the fact that you have to buy “Crowns” at the equivalent of 1 crown for 50 pence to order any substantial portions of food. However, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere combined with the chance to experience so many restaurants in a short space of time means that I think it was money well spent. Clearly the rest of the crowd agreed since even a bomb threat did not deter them.

Details: 18-21 June 2009, Regents Park, London


  1. What a shame someone has to try & spoil a good day out. I’m glad it did’nt turn you away.
    I think we’ll give everyone a plastic knife & fork next time we cook braised beef…good test!

  2. Um, I feel like a cow. I think I had three lunches and five dinners yesterday. Fasting today!

  3. Lucky you were able to enter in the end. It would have been disastrous otherwise. I had some lovely dishes on Friday evening, with no security alert…

  4. Lesley – yes perhaps plastic knife and forks should be the ultimate test.

    Krista – so hard to resist eating way too much especially given all the free samples

    Helen – they did offer people their money back or a ticket for a different session which was quite good of them I thought but Thursday was the only night I could make it. Still very enjoyable once we got in finally

  5. I’m pretty interested in the Chapel Down vino… any comments on its quality?

  6. I was away so missed Taste of London and the fact that terrorists are now targeting foodies, this is very worrying news! Glad it didn’t put anyone off though. I’m quite jealous that you were so close to the lovely Michel Rouux Jr…

  7. Ah yes it seems we really did eat completely different dishes and I sampled 21 of them! I have yet to try Chapel Down wines – I must be the only person I know! I’m seeking some out come payday.

  8. Great post!

    I can’t believe Michel Roux Jr. was there and that you got so close.

    Very nice, indeed.

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