Le Loir dans la Théiére – The Dormouse in the Teapot (Gourmet Chick in France)

Going out for brunch on the weekend in Paris is tres fashionable. Where better to indulge than at the adorably named Le Loir dans la Théiére (the Dormouse in the Teapot) in the Marais. The cafe itself lives up to its Alice in Wonderland name with a suitably quirky interior. Shelves hold an eclectic mix of childrens toys and books while the walls are literally wallpapered with posters of upcoming events. Seating is in a hodge podge of furniture including worn leather sofas. There is a sign saying that computers are not allowed but apart from this rule the staff at Le Loir dans la Théiére don’t seem to mind if you linger.

Brunch is quite expensive at €18.50 however you do get more than enough food to tide you over for the rest of the day. To begin, little pots of yoghurt are served with a fruit compote. Then there is a choice of scrambled or fried eggs served with a thin piece of fried bacon. The eggs are very rich and creamy and err more on the runny than scrambled side. To accompany this there is plenty of toast with pots of butter and jam.

The orange juice is a real highlight as it is freshly squeezed and sweet with a slight tang. Of course you are in Paris and so no brunch could be complete without a selection of butter and chocolate croissants. Accompanied by strong black coffee or a pot of tea, a leisurely lunch at Le Loir dans la Théiére is a perfect start to a day exploring Paris. If you can’t make it there for brunch try popping in during the afternoon for tea or coffee with a wedge of homemade cake for €9.
Details: 3 Rue de Rosiers, 75004 Paris, 4eme, France (Ph 01 42 72 90 61) Metro: Saint-Paul
Damage: Pricey
Gourmet Traveller Tips
I stayed at hip hotel Mama Shelter, a Phillipe Starck designed wonder out in the 20th. Housed in a converted garage each room has a slick imac which you can watch DVDs on, TV or use the internet, there are Kiehls toiletries in the bathroom and basically it is designer heaven. Rooms from €89.
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  1. Love that place!

  2. We had Stephen Spielberg and his family behind us in the queue when we went couple years back! We all enjoyed our visit, a gem

    1. Wow that is serious star spotting! Love it!

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