74 British Foodies to Follow on Twitter

I first signed up to Twitter at the start of this year (you can follow me at @carawaters).  I am not what you would call an earlier adapter to this sort of technology so I was a little behind the rest of the UK where it seems that we are all mad for Twitter.  Lily Allen twitters, Sarah Brown twitters and half of Britain’s foodie population seem to be firmly glued to Twitter.  Besides occasional concerns that “just checking” Twitter takes up a lot more of my time than it really should, I have really enjoyed being a part of Twitter.  It is a great way about finding out about things like interesting articles, events and also for getting last minute tips on places to go.  So when I saw (via Twitter of course) Mashable’s list of 55+ foodies to follow on Twitter I was immediately intrigued.  Unfortunately the list is fairly US centric (although it appears to have global aspirations) and Britain’s representation was pretty much limited to Jamie Oliver.  Following a few tweets with World Foodie Guide and Tasty Treats about this, I decided to try and compile a similar list, however focused on British Foodies.   

This is the list I have come up with, along with helpful input from Tasty Treats and World Foodie Guide.  Let me know if you are on Twitter and should be on this list as well, or if there is someone that is fantastic to follow and I have omitted.  I would also be interested to hear about foodies that you follow on twitter around the world.  I follow quite a few in the US, France and Australia but I am interested in following people in other countries as well if you have any tips for witty, erudite and informative foodies.  
tomaikensThis little piggy went to market this little piggy made excellent crackling slow roast pig for this evening.http://twitpic.com/gazueabout 2 hours ago from TwitterFon

Cafes/Food shops

nottinghilldeliPortobello Film Festival starts todayhttp://tinyurl.com/kmyagm. Pop in to Mr Christian’s for your snacks & drinks http://tinyurl.com/nx3cg5about 1 hour ago from web

Food Critics and Writers
gilescorenhiding in attic like anne frank while vile toddlers scream, weep, throw food, dance to pugwash. where’s a paedo abductor when you need one?about 2 hours ago from web
Food publications

Channel4Food@FoodStories That’s our Halloween pumpkin plans sortedabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to FoodStories

Food Bloggers
malcolmeggsWe have a new piece on the LRB: Trattoria Sapori, Newington Green http://tinyurl.com/nnv9khabout 3 hours ago from TwitterFox
and of course me! @carawaters


  1. Ahem…! I’m on @hollowlegs ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. And you can find me at @gingergourmand ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m a foodie! @alexthepink

  4. Not sure they’ll add themselves, so I’ll add them two British Food Bloggers:-


    And one British (Essex in fact) Rare Breed Farm rep…


  5. I LOVE eating and cooking! I’m @beckycraven
    blog coming soon

  6. i post food/restaurant reviews from my blog: http://thelittlewelsh.blogspot.com/

    and follow me on twitter @TheLittleWelsh

  7. Hi! Follow me @TheLittleWelsh

    and read my food/restaurant review blog: http://thelittlewelsh.blogspot.com/

  8. and your appreciation of me would be much appreciated! @luvfoodluvdrink

  9. I tweet about food too! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Mostly about chocolate, but get distracted by bread and cheese and good dinners and all food really…)

    Follow me @chocolatetours (say hi!)

    If you want to know more about chocolate and chocolate shops also follow:
    @marmadale (Rococo Chocolates)
    @demarquettechoc (shop)
    @meltchocolates (shop)
    @gorvettandstone (shop in Henley)

    Other great foodies to follow:

  10. I’ve been food blogging for almost 3 years now at http://www.biggestjim.com

    On Twitter I’m @biggestjim



  11. you might want to add @racine_kitchen to restaurant/chefs (Henry Harris ) also IMHO the best fishmonger and butcher in London respectively @chelseafish and @darragh_kbridge

  12. According to at least three people, I’m the funniest foodie girl on Twitter.

    That’s a good thing, right?

    Anyway, I’m @meemalee

  13. Great list! I soon won’t have time to do anything else but keep up with Twitter. I blog recipes with a British slant and heavy gin influence. Find me @ginandcrumpets

  14. I can be located at @ireenaribena

    And if we’re filling in gaps too then @KaveyF and @goodshoeday are top tweeters and bloggers too!

  15. one ‘t’ in matkiwi … but thanks for the publicity … Mat

  16. I think you have seen me around too…I write restaurant reviews and also post about the odd meal cooked at home or at friends’ + some about wine. You can find me here on twitter: @laissezfare

  17. Tweeting about coffee and cafe reviews @getnoticed , @squaremile , @jimseven , @weaniebeans

  18. Now I feel ashamed for not plugging others!

    All right, well, off the top of my head, these folk should also be on the list:


  19. buy it or eat it – sea where your best Cornish fish came from and which boat – @throughthegaps

  20. I know I don’t fit neatly into any of your categories but I certainly tweet about food, chefs, restaurants etc etc etc and hopefully it’s decent stuff


  21. Oh and what about food producers that blog …. like @rudehealth ?

  22. oh, I forgot to add @essexgourmet

  23. I’m an American – British through marriage – who lives, eats, cooks and tweets in London. Does that count?


  24. Oh handy list… was following nearly all but filled in a couple of gaps, both from your list and from the comments!

  25. Thanks every one for all your comments leaving so many more fabulous foodies to follow. Lots of new people here for me to discover as well, along with people who I already follow and inadvertently omitted. Looks like twitter and food is a brilliant combination.

  26. You can follow the Greasy Spoon on Twitter:



  27. Whoa, this is a great list and so many more to add with all the comments! I could spend all day checking out what all the foodies have to share! I’m on there too – @noredmeat

  28. Great post, and thank you Jennifer! Chantal Coady of Rococo is on twitter too, she’s @rococochocs.

    I’m just the cat ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wait, what am I saying? I’m the very important chocolate cat.

  29. Really useful, thanks for compiling it, although there is always a danger in making these lists. I’ve wanted to do the rising stars of the blogging world who I think will soon make it mainstream, but resisted for fear of offending those who I think are nearly there, but wouldn’t quite make it yet (in my opinion). I enjoy following you BTW and am always grateful for the sidebar link for Intoxicating Prose, which brings a wealth of traffic.

  30. I’m not a very frequent blogger but Tweet more than is good for me, mainly on the subject of Real Bread.


  31. @welovelocalfood

    As our name says, we love local food! We sell food and drink produced in Norfolk & Suffolk via our website http://www.welovelocalfood.co.uk and deliver it within Norfolk & Suffolk. We are also a social enterprise.

  32. may I join the gang too please?

    I suck at updating my blog, but rock at twitter


  33. OK, I know I was not exactly an early adopter… but I’m here now! @cooksisterblog

    Great list ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. If Jeanne can be June I can be July – find me @feastwithbron

  35. A bit late to the party but I’m @SlowFoodKitchen

  36. Thank you for such a fabulous and informative site:)
    I’m a former chef, still a passionate foodie @cheridowd
    Really into Popup/Secret/Underground Restaurants, i had one last year on a boat (ms scarlet home restaurant ) before the massive ‘home restaurant’ scene exploded to what it is now..

  37. I know this is an old post but spotted “Mostly About Chocolate”, got excited then realised it wasn’t me so thought I’d say I tweet about chocolate (and food) as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Just found this post – it’s brilliant and given me lots of new people to stalk (ahem, follow) ๐Ÿ™‚ For what it’s worth, I’ve started a little blog of my own, tweeting as @thelittleloaf. Would love to share recipes and restaurant thoughts with you all.

  39. What a great post! Thank you very much!

    If you want to read my e-magazine on gourmet food, follow me here: @polina_pen

  40. Thanks for the list – I managed to add quite a few that I didn’t already have ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are some more in this article too: http://hungryhouse.co.uk/blog/best-foodies-to-follow-on-twitter/

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