Sourced Market at St Pancras

Going to St Pancras station when you are not hopping on the Eurostar to somewhere exciting in Europe is just as depressing as going to the airport when you are not flying anywhere.  However, to ameliorate the pain a new market has been launched called the Sourced Market where you can get fresh fruit, vegetables and other gourmet goodies.  Last night I attended “Foodie Fortnight” at St Pancras which is launching the Sourced Market. 


Tristan Welch gets a band-aid for his finger
The Foodie Fortnight runs from the 16th – 25th September, the highlight is a range of discounts at all the food outlets and restaurants at St Pancras and a stage where various top chefs and restaurants will be cooking up a storm over the next fortnight.  Last night Tristan Welch of Launceston Place was demonstrating wild mushrooms on toast with hazelnuts and parsley.  This was recipe looked really quite simple and so is something that I am keen to recreate at home, especially since Welch demonstrated how to make your own hazelnut mayonnaise.  He also made apple charlottes.  Welch sources his recipes from a collection of antique cookbooks and he describes his food as “British classics reinvented”.  Impressively, Launceston Place uses 95 per cent British produce.  Welch charmed the audience with tales of his new born twins who he referred to as his “two Michelin stars”.  Rather amusingly, he managed to cut his finger while peeling apples.  Perhaps Welch is used to others further down the chain of command performing this task, or perhaps there is a lesson in this for all of us, be careful with sharp knifes!  

Apples on offer at Sourced Market
The Sourced Market itself is situated at the rear of the station if you are approaching from the tube.   It errs on the side of being a little sterile, however this is hard to avoid since it is situated in a train station.  There is fresh fruit and vegetables, a deli, a wine bar and a salad bar.  It is the sort of place that you could pop into on the way home if you were having unexpected guests for dinner and rustle up something rather fabulous.  You will of course pay for the convenience of privilege however I suppose that is to be expected.  All the gourmet brands such as Pieminster pies and Laverstoke Park meat are name checked so it is certainly quality produce on offer.  

Italian platter at the Sourced Market
MTV boyfriend and I stopped in at the Sourced Market’s wine store for a glass or two of the Rioja Joven which is available by the glass or to takeaway.  There are tables to sit at to watch the commuter world go by and a choice of antipasto platters to order.  We opted for the Italian platter (£8.50) which featured thin folds of salty Parma ham, a few discs of meaty salami, creamy Mozzarella, sun blush tomatoes, olives and some rather insipid salad.  I wouldn’t say that the Source Market is a destination market, however you happen to pass near St Pancras on your way home it is a great place to pick up some quality produce.  In the time that Foodie Fortnight is running it is certainly worthwhile stopping in to see names such as Richard Corrigan or Georgio Locatelli demonstrating on the main stage.     
Details: St Pancras International, Pancras Road, Kings Cross NW1 2QP (Ph 020 7843 4250)
Foodie Fortnight runs from 16 – 25 September 2009
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Gourmet Chick attended the Sourced Market and Foodie Fortnight as a guest of Sourced Market and received complimentary food and drinks.


  1. Hmmm imagine how it is for me….I have to go through St Pancras twice a day, and your right – it is depressing when your going nowhere more exciting than work. For all that, it’s a lovely space, Im so impressed with the refurbishment. As for Sourced Market – hmmm mixed opinions on it,it’s not really a ‘market’ – but it does sell some interesting stuff. I can highly recommend the made up lunch boxes in the chiller cabinet consisting of homemade savoury tarts and salad. Very nice and great value, some of the other stuff isn’t such great value (Pieminister pies for a £5 anyone!) but then, with those location overheads, not really suprising. It’s not been open that long so hopefully it will evolve, and it is a good place to grab something to eat for an outward bound train journey or to cook on the way home from work if you happen to be passing.

  2. i could eat oysters all day long. 🙂

  3. Excellent news for me as I take the train to and from Kings Cross every day! I’ll have to check it out next time.

  4. Dan – Good to hear that as a regular St Pancras commuter the Source Market is actually useful. Will have to check out the lunch boxes – I did get a takeaway salad from the deli which was great.

    Kiss My Spatula – erm me too

    Helen – I think it could be a handy place for those last minute things that you are not able to get at a supermarket

  5. I had the pleasure of getting to stop here before heading to Paris. It was such a nice treat to find locally sourced food, let alone in a train station. I had the tuna and bean salad which was superb and I got some bird food cakes (full of healthy seeds and goodness) for my travels. If I am ever back at St. Pancras this is must stop. Take a look at the tables, napkins, packaging too…good details all around.

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