Gourmet Giveaway – Michel Roux Jr’s A Life In the Kitchen

Announcing a new irregular feature on Gourmet Chick… Gourmet Giveaway! Everyone loves something for free and today the lovely people at Vouchercodes.co.uk have given Gourmet Chick two copies of Michel Roux Jr’s book Michel Roux: A Life In The Kitchen. The book is Roux Jr’s autobiography and also includes recipes.

Roux Jr is the chef at Michelin two star restaurant Le Gavaroche in London and I am sure that I am not the only person to have been completely charmed by his appearance on Master Chef. The Daily Mail describes him as quite a silver fox. I saw him in action at the Taste of London festival where he was dishing up the food from his restaurant himself.
To win one of two copies of the book valued at £17 each all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your favourite Master Chef comment. Copy your comment and send an email containing the comment, your name to missgourmetchick[at]gmail.com so that I can contact you if you win. The first copy of the book will go to the person who has left the best comment and the second winner will be chosen randomly so that everyone has a chance. Winners will be announced in one weeks time so make sure to check back to see if you are successful.
The competition closes at 5pm on Thursday 5 November 2009. Winners will be announced on Friday 6 November 2009. Only one person per entry will be accepted. Duplicate entries will be deleted. No personal details will be forwarded to third parties.
This prize was provided by vouchercodes.co.uk. They have two for one restaurant vouchers, vouchers for Tesco or Sainsbury and Hotel Chocolat.


  1. Julia Child: “I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.”

    and Jim Harrison (though not a Master Chef this is a quote I live by!): “A gourmand is one who is able to keep eating when no longer hungry, and a gourmand without a rich sense of the comic is a pathetic piggy indeed.”

    This give-away is amazing!

  2. Wonderful giveaway – I’ve really been enjoying watching Michel Roux Jr on TV.

  3. “What Michel just said” from Gregg Wallace (ok, he never actually said that, but …)

    Another favourite was the common use of “unctuous”.

  4. “That is just gooey loveliness!” or “That shortbread is just lovely, buttery perfection. And very short too.”

  5. Shouty Greg:

    I could just dive right into that.

    (ok, I’m paraphrasing, but that goes for pretty much any pudding he likes).

    I love Michel.

  6. Haha – I agree Greedy Diva – by the end Greg seemed a little out of his depth and so just agreed with Michel.

    I loved how Michel always winces when he tastes something – you think he’s about to decimate someone – but then he beams a smile and raves about the food.

    Most meals in our household now start with one of us saying “food. doesn’t. get. better. than. this”, following by the Michel – taste, wince, smile combo, followed by the Greg/Santa like chuckle when he likes something (ho ho ho, that is GOOD).

  7. The most crushing comments I heard him say was “That looks like a gloopy mess!”
    But I love his eyes as he looked as if the food was awful and then this huge gentle beam of a smile as he praised a contestant.

  8. Best quote has to be either the way over the top intro ie “cooking doesn’t get tougher than this” but only when watched along side the deathly stares of Gregg and Michel into the camera, or the other staple of Gregg doing the almost pornographic spoon sucking accompanied by the elongated mmm.

  9. I think mine would be the various versions of “I couldn’t serve that to Michel” from Monica!

    I thought she was terrific and some of her facial expressions when watching a contestant or tasting their efforts were just fantastic – googly eyes, raised eyebrows and abject horror! I thought she was just fabulous!

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