Chicken stuffed with spinach and dates

Happy Boxing Day. I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas. I spent the holiday in Ireland with my extended family there enjoying plenty of duck, goose and turkey. If you are not ready to face the Christmas leftovers yet here is a simple Winter supper that is easy to make and also pretty healthy. The cumin and dates give a hint of sweetness and spice so that you don’t feel like you are just eating plain old chicken. I served this with piping hot roast potatoes and some snow peas (mange tout) for a splash of colour. MTV boyfriend was so enamoured with this dish that I think it is going to become a favourite.
1 onion thinly sliced
1 cloves of garlic sliced
Olive oil
2 dates finely chopped
100g spinach
1 tsp ground cumin
Salt and pepper
2 chicken breasts
1 tsp honey
1 tsp maple syrup

Wilting the spinach down
1. Heat oven to 200C. If you are cooking roast potatoes pop them in the oven now.
2. Cook the onion and garlic in a splash of olive oil in a non stick pan over a low heat for 5 mins or until softened.
3. Add the dates, spinach, a pinch of the cumin and salt and pepper to season and cook for another min or two or until the spinach starts to wilt down.
4. Cut the chicken breasts in half lengthways so that they open up like a book and stuff with the date and spinach mixture.
5. Place the chicken in a shallow baking dish and rub with the remaining cumin, honey and maple syrup.
6. Bake for 2o mins.
Serves 2
Adapted from a recipe in this month’s Olive magazine.
If you liked reading this you might be interested in this recipe for another simple supper of chicken, pancetta and mushroom stew. I think the perfect dessert to accompany this meal would be an easy apple crumble, that is if you don’t have leftover Christmas pudding.


  1. Happy Stephens Day! 🙂 This looks lovely. I would love a bit of spice now to cut through all that Xmas meatiness.

    Hope you had a lovely time in Clonmel. Can’t believe you are so close to where I am!

  2. OOOohh, I like this one. I’m going to bookmark it. I think I might add a little cream cheese in the filling though. Thanks for sharing it.
    Hope you had a merry christmas.
    *kisses* HH

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    I have some dates to use up and this looks like a great way to have them, I never thought of doing savoury stuff with them but this sounds delicious.

  4. Niamh – You too – we had a white Christmas in Clonmel – very exciting – hope you did too
    Heavenly Houswife – Cream cheese would be great with it – it would add a nice bit of moisture to it
    Sarah Maison – I know my supply of dates is only usually used for sticky date pudding

  5. Sounds yummy. Can’t wait to add apricots to this stuffing..

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