Gourmet Giveaway – Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne

In a special Gourmet Giveaway for Mothers Day the lovely people at Interflora have given me a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne to give away. Something different if you have already exhausted the flowers for Mothers Day option. As you know I do love a glass or two of champagne so it has taken great willpower for me not to just want to keep this prize for myself but anyway all you have to do is leave a comment below before 5pm on 5 March 2010 for your chance to win.


You don’t have to be a mother and you don’t have to give it to your mother either (although a glass or two of Veuve with her would surely be a fabulous way to spend mothers day).


You must be over 18 to enter because of the nature of the prize and based in the UK. The winner will be chosen using the random.org website. Good luck.


  1. Oh me please! The night before will have been spent supervising my son’s sixteenth birthday party, with an invite list already running at over 100…so I can give this to him to give to me as a jolly nice way of saying ‘thanks for clearing up all the sick Mum’ 😉

  2. Oh please (randomly) pick me! I promise to give it to my Mum! x

  3. Ooooh – I love Veuve and have yet to try the pink!!! I’d LOVE to win this! Fingers crossed….

  4. Even though I won’t be spending the day with my mum, it would be nice to be able to raise a glass of this to her!

  5. Yes, please! Count me in 🙂

  6. Ooh 6th comment, 6 is my lucky number, please let me win!

  7. Please include me, this will be perfect to celebrate mothers day and my stepdaughters 18th!

  8. Oh, what a lovely prize – I’d love to win and drink it in memory of my mum.

  9. I’d very much like to win. Cheers x

  10. I want the champagne please!

  11. I am a mother and I love champagne, and I too hope I am chosen.

  12. My mother doesn’t drink so damn, I’d have to keep it myself if I win.

  13. Ooh, pink champagne! Lovely (and perfect for Mother’s Day).

  14. Call me superstitious, but I think giving mom a bottle of “the Widow Clicquot” on mother’s day is bad luck. [An excellent excuse to keep the bottle for myself, I think.]

  15. Given that my mother was responsible for my love of food and therefore my consumption of this blog I can’t think of a nicer way to thank her than a bottle of the pink stuff. Lovely jubbly bubbly

  16. Oh yes please! My Mummy is having a really crummy year and I know that this would absolutely make her day 🙂

  17. Long time reader prompted out of silence by promise of free bubbly. Very nicely written blog btw.

  18. Pick meee!! Love the box colour too!

  19. mmm veuve. it would make for a very happy mothers day indeed

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