Gourmet Chick turns two

Today I am celebrating Gourmet Chick’s second birthday. Two years ago I first decided to stop annoying my friends by talking obsessively about food and instead transfer my obsession to the internet. In that time I have learnt a lot about food, eaten some amazing meals and travelled to some brilliant foodie destinations.

As I did last year I have included my yearly statistics below in the interests of transparency and for those of you who like knowing those sort of things. I have hit over 20,000 page views a month for the first time this month which is over double the same time last year. Big thanks to the sites who have been supportive of Gourmet Chick and directed traffic my way. The ones who have provided the most traffic are listed below. The most thanks go though to all the people who regularly read Gourmet Chick. It is always great to get your comments and thanks for spending some time on this little patch of the internet.

1. Urbanspoon
This aggregrator of restaurant reviews does a great job in my book by putting user and blogger reviews right up there next to the critics. Their London blog leader board is also always amusing to watch as blogs randomly soar up and down the ratings for what seems to be no apparent reason.

2. London-Eating
This user review site features one blog post for each restaurant and Gourmet Chick has been lucky enough to get featured a few times.

3. American in London
My go-to-guide for foodie travel – if I have a trip planned, chances are Alice has already been there and written it all up. Incisive writing style and a very authorative resource particularly when it comes to Chinese and French restaurants.

4. Londonelicious

One of the original London food blogs and still one of the best (going strong after six years). Krista’s reviews are pithy and no-nonsense. This is a girl who knows her stuff.

5. Catty Life
A fellow Australian in London whose fun blog displays her obsessions for Byron Burgers and matcha powder.

6. Maison Cupcake
A great resource for bakers, Sarah is a domestic goddess with more recipes and tips than you will probably know what to do with. She is also the queen of macarons – brave woman!


If you liked reading this you might be interested in reading Gourmet Chick turns One, or my first post (how embarassing!).


  1. Congratulations on your 2d blog-versary, GC! I, too, feel that if a food destination’s not on your site, it’s not worth visiting. : ) At the very least, it’s just a whole lot more research work for me if you haven’t been there already.

    Keep up the great blogging, and it’s fun seeing how stats improve over time, no?

    [Totally in agreement about the embarrassment of re-reading your first blog post.]

  2. I mean, not *your* first blog post. But first blog posts, generally!

  3. Congratulations GC! May there be many, many more birthdays coming your way! 😀

  4. Happy 2nd birthday!! Yay I’m happy to send traffic your way, your blog is always an interesting read 🙂 Ok, we still need to meet up one day tho! x

  5. Happy 2nd birthday! Thing is, I probably annoy my friends more, as I’ve taken to talking more obsessively about food since starting my blog!

  6. Congratulations on your blog birthday! x x

  7. Congrats! And awesome traffic growth stats!!!

  8. Congrats to you on your 2nd blogaversary. May you continue your progress. You have a great blog, its been an excellent resource for me.
    *birthday kisses* HH

  9. congratulations on your second “birthday”! and lovin’ the stats. xx shayma

  10. Happy 2nd bloggiversary! It’s always interesting to look at your stats – congrats on doubling your monthly views in a year!

  11. Congrats on your second year – I really love your blog!
    Who won the Godiva chocolates?!

  12. Congrats on your second bday. Your site was one of the original blogs I started reading!

  13. GC,

    Congratulations turning two! It’s a massive achievement, have enjoyed following your exploits – both in London and abroad – and look forward to even more posts.

    Keep up the great work.

    PS: I will try to comment more from time to time…

  14. Congratulations on two years!

  15. American in London – Thanks. Will have to go and try and seek out your first post and read it!

    Lorraine – Thankyou

    Catty – Yes we must try and catch up

    Mr Noodles – that is a good point – maybe I have got more annoying not less!

    Kavey – thanks

    Krista – thanks – you are my statistical operation!

    Heavenly Housewife – thanks

    Shayma – thanks

    Helen – Stats are always interesting but I try not to get to into them!

    Dan – Thanks – answer in latest post (sorry I know I was late in announcing the winner)

    Tom – Wow – I feel privileged. Thanks for letting me know.

    Kang – Thanks for reading

    Su-Lin: Thanks Su-Lin

  16. Happy blog birthday!
    I love eating my way around Europe vicariously through you Miss GC.

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